Chamomile, Blue CO2 - Organic

Matricaria recutita L. (synonym of Matricaria chamomilla L.)


Our organic German Blue Chamomile CO2 extract has a rich, comforting, sweet-warm, herbaceous aroma with light fruit undertones that will offer a pleasant-smelling material to work with when formulating


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The use of natural carbon dioxide in the form of a supercritical fluid is an environmentally friendly extraction technique and provides a pure product with no solvent residues, no inorganic salts, no heavy metals, and no reproducible microorganisms.[4]

Chamazulene and (-)α-bisabolol (a sesquiterpene alcohol) are considered to be the primary constituents in Blue Chamomile oil responsible for its effects.[5]  The cooling and chamazulene-rich oils, that also include Blue Tansy and Blue Yarrow, are revered for their complex aromas and skincare benefits. Blue Chamomile is a popular fruity-herbal addition to skin creams and massage blends, however, be prepared to work with this thick paste-like extract and the green-blue to brown color it may impart.

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Customer Reviews

superb healing & aromatherapy


Ordered this as a free sample. Mixed it into a beeswax carrier base for broken capillaries. Suffered a bad scrape & massaged it 50/50 into the wound every other day and it healed very well. Strong soothing aroma. Deep blue color indicating its bio-activity. Just placed an order for more. G chamomile is excellent for sun damaged skin.

Review by C 11/18/2016

Lasting, subtle, and mellow


It has a beautiful dark blue color in the vial, which turns out to be a thick grainy substance, and turns yellow-brown when you smear it. Right away out of the vial it has a chamomile tea smell. A naturey grass/herb smell, a little like prairie grasses and wildflowers . It's a strong enough scent, but it doesn't blast your nose with sharp top notes; it really is very mellow. It's not super fruity, just a somewhat subtle herbal sweetness. It smells like herbal tea, which makes sense, since it's chamomile. It's a nice soothing smell. 30-45 after I put a couple dabs of it on a tissue, I detected a note that reminded me of pollen somehow. It made me think of relaxing outside among the prairie grasses with pleasant mild weather. Over an hour later, it started to develop a vaguely floral quality. It has a a very low-key humble kind of pleasantness that makes me keep coming back to smell it again. .

Review by Julia 8/6/2016

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