Cedarwood, Himalayan EO

Cedrus deodara (Roxb. ex D.Don) G.Don


Our Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil has a dry, woody, warm and balsamic aroma with a slightly crude/camphoraceous top note; it displays a delicately sweet-woody aroma and good tenacity in the


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Our Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil has a dry, woody, warm and balsamic aroma with a slightly crude/camphoraceous top note; it displays a delicately sweet-woody aroma and good tenacity in the drydown. The species name deodara evolved from the word devadāru, a Sanskrit word that translates to "timber of the gods" – thus the Himalayan Cedar is regarded as a particularly sacred tree. Many shrines and places of worship are built with this sturdy, invulnerable wood, leading some to believe that the deep and warm Cedarwood aroma is ideal for diffusion during meditation.

Cedar trees have played a central role in aromatics from ancient times to the present. From ancient Egypt, to India, Tibet, the Mediterranean, and North America, the cedar tree has been respected and revered. The finest Cedarwood essential oil comes from the Atlas Cedar and is very closely related botanically to the Himalayan Cedar; these produce very similar, yet differently nuanced, essential oils.[1] It is thought that Atlas and Himalayan Cedar trees originated from Cedrus libani, the famous Lebanon cedar.[2]

The strength and power of this tree can be observed in spring when, after a cold winter, the long, graceful limbs, laden with heavy snow and ice are relieved of their burdens and are buoyant once again. These massive trees not only survive but thrive for hundreds of years with an entire ecosystem supported beneath their feet and in their airy upper levels.

Please be aware when purchasing Cedarwood essential oil. We recommend Atlas and Himalayan Cedarwood oils, as they are the most notably used, have an appealing aroma, and are the only true Cedar oils typically available. Texas Cedarwood and Virginia Cedarwood are actually Junipers and although quite useful, are different in aroma and effects. Cedar Leaf oil is from a species of Thuja and is best used very carefully or not at all due to its potential toxicity.

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Customer Reviews

good in dillution


it's pretty harsh in the bottle, but when diluted it smells like the cedar balls for clothes.

Review by blake 3/2/2024

Beautiful and therapeutic, favorite cedarwood


I absolute love this Himalayan Cedarwood. I have experimented with all varieties and this is my favorite. It's warm, smooth, silky and well rounded with a subtle comforting sweetness. No pencil shavings or hamster cage here. I formulate and one of my favorite blends with this in an alcohol spray I use for body, room, linen, especially during illness for coughs and congestion. I even sanitize my hands with it. It has Rosemary cineole, pink grapefruit, lemon, blood orange, and the Himalayan cedarwood grounds it. It's quite lovely with citrus and florals.

Review by Rose 11/29/2019

Talk about a change of heart!


So, I'm actually quite fond of the Juniper "cedars." To me, Texas and Virginia cedarwood evoke all that I associate with that "cedar smell"--saunas, old cedar shakes and paneling, and yes, my beloved memories of early grade school and of deliberately inhaling the dust from my pencil sharpener. By contrast, Atlas cedar (at least straight from the bottle at the store) seemed alien and unknowable to me. Now, I primarily base my scent preferences on an oil's capacity to reconstruct certain nostalgic themes. I ordered a sample of this Himalayan oil in hopes it would transport me someplace familiar and joyful, but sniffing it straight from the vial had me sighing in disappointment--the only reminiscent value it seemed to unlock was that of a memory of me waiting for my dad as a child in some jittery-lit military basement office, as I contemplated the strange, sickly-sweet mopping solution emanating from the tiles. Overall a very Xenophobic response I'd say. Perplexing that the true cedars relay very little of what I would call a "woody" quality; certainly nothing like the stacks of freshly split Alaskan spruce, birch and aspen I grew up with. However, something compelled me to rub a bit of the Himalayan on with some FCO today. And you know what--for as put off and perplexed as I was initially, I am now ECSTATIC. Why? Well, it makes no sense really, but you know the fragrance of most 80s doll parts--in particular, the FACE? I can't stop smelling myself, because suddenly it's like I'm nuzzling my favorite long-lost dolls. The fragrance is just that singular! Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? I've decided that Himalayan Cedarwood (of all things!) is going to be the base for a "doll face" perfume of other similarly innocent-smelling essences. And the lesson I learned as a newcomer is--NEVER judge an oil straight from the bottle! I may have to give Atlas another go as well because of this. :) Thank you again, EB--you are the greatest company ever, and I am having a lot of fun browsing through your incredible inventory and reading all the insightful reviews. What a community!

Review by Rebecca 4/12/2016

pretty good


I love the woods and was certainly excited to get this today. Was disappointed it really didnt have much of a smell :( HOWEVER the rest of my order was amazing and i look forward to getting more EO from these guys

Review by alex 1/3/2016



This is by far the best cedar oil I have ever had. It is smooth, strong and has a very nice woodsy outdoor smell. Just great at a great price.

Review by Robspace1 7/15/2015

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