Cedarwood Absolute, Atlas

Cedrus atlantica (Endl.) Manetti ex Carrière


The aroma of Atlas Cedarwood Absolute is sweet, balsamic, dry, woody, warm, and resinous with notes of apricot liqueur. It is unparalleled in its depth, more voluptuous than the essential oil, and destined to


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Product Overview

The aroma of Atlas Cedarwood Absolute is sweet, balsamic, dry, woody, warm, and resinous with notes of apricot liqueur. It is unparalleled in its depth, more voluptuous than the essential oil, and destined to be a rare gem for use in natural perfumes as well as scented anointments. The woody aroma is one that perfumers often describe as ‘masculine’, although in fact it appeals to all genders. And because Cedarwood’s warm, embracing fragrance has a profoundly soulful quality, it is often found in more introspective, personal perfumes and in meditation blends. In dilution, the aroma is wonderful on its own, or as a superb fixative in floral perfume blends.

Revered for millennia, Atlas Cedarwood has been used for building ships, shrines, and bath houses, as well as in cosmetics, and perfumery; it is also considered to be one of the earliest incense materials [1] Impressive Cedrus atlantica forests once blanketed the high mountains of North Africa, but harvesting the timber has nearly brought the tree to its knees in countries like Algeria, where fires and unregulated cutting resulted in a steep decline in their population and range. Our Cedarwood Absolute is solvent extracted at our extraction facility in France using wood shavings and sawdust upcycled from the lumber industry in Morocco. More importantly, as a by-product of Morocco’s strictly controlled logging industry, no trees are cut to produce it. In addition, we work with suppliers to evaluate and improve sustainability, tools and practices in all stages of production.[2] Ensuring the sustainability of vulnerable biological species is a very important aspect that we consider when sourcing our oils.

1 Davis, Patricia. Aromatherapy An A-Z, 1988, pp. 71-2.

2 Industry communication.

3 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, pp. 139-40.

4 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 238.

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Customer Reviews

A Secret Weapon Not To Overlook


I haven't found many sources for atlas abs, and this one from Eden blows the branches off the only other source I've tried. I've been fond of atlas abs since the moment I first sniffed it, but I was always pretty light-handed with it. Until... I had the incredible privilege of one of my favourite perfumers lending me a guiding hand, and I was surprised by the levels of this stuff that were suggested. Just try overdosing it in your woody formulas. It's incredible how far you can push this, and how it can essentially act as a foundation material. Paired with other cedars, vanillas, gourmand materials, etc... This can lend incredible depth and substance, without translating as overly woody or even "cedar". It's very sweet and rich, with some complex spice nuance, and I'd go as far as calling this the "mysore" of the cedar world. Imparts a stunning copper hue, too! I rarely reach for for atlas and deodara oils these days, because this absolute is such a multifaceted workhorse material, the EO kind of pales in comparison. It works with citrus, it works with conifers, it works with heavy agrestic materials, and it's incredibly synergistic with other woods... It just works. I hold this in the same regard as patchouli, vetiver, and labdanum. I can't not have it on-hand, and I constantly find new clever ways this can improve a blend. A true essential.

Review by HP 5/28/2023



Best cedar I’ve ever had. Rich and sweet with a warm expansive wood foundation overlayed with the most exquisite caramelised apricot. Wood component lacks any sharpness or harshness sometimes seen in rough wood oils, it’s all soft golden cedar with the lightest cherry essence top note. The fruit is really special, sweet and very ripe clean apricot that has some kind of extra roundness almost in a red/damascone direction. Gorgeous tenacity, wears beautifully on the skin. Easily detectable after several days on strip, drying down into a very fine transparent wood. I’ll soon be ordering more! Do yourself a favour and pick some up.

Review by Joel 4/20/2023

Liquid Gold.........Rating 10 STARS


If you are looking at the reviews, considering whether to buy this oil, LOOK NO FURTHER, this is liquid gold. better than the best Cedarwood aroma you could imagine.

Review by Lawrence 7/28/2022



This is without a doubt the most animalistic cedar wood smell of all. It has an initial facet that reminds me of jatamansi with valerian tincture. Little by little it becomes more animal, dirty, corral, sexual, balsamic, fruity, warm, wood... I imagine it is useful to extend only some profiles (wood animal) of OUD in compositions of masculine perfume. Drying is lovely. very different from distilled oil, as it has a creamy apricot fruity and dry balsamic but NOT diffusive. it just smells up close. I still do not know its duration in time, but it is on the right track. Absolutely lovely and stinky stuff at the same time.

Review by Juan 5/13/2021

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