Vitamin E Oil - Tocobiol® SF

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)


Our current Vitamin E - Tocobiol® SF is the most natural and active we have found. The mixed tocopherols are derived from 100% non-GMO sunflower seeds – no corn or soy – and are considered non-allergenic.


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Product Overview

Our current Vitamin E - Tocobiol® SF is the most natural and active we have found. The mixed tocopherols are derived from 100% non-GMO sunflower seeds – no corn or soy – and are considered non-allergenic. It is naturally rich in monoglycerides (lipids that act as an emulsifier) and moisturizing phytosterols and squalene.

Although it contains a blend of a little more than 20% mixed tocopherols, we have found this Vitamin E to be just as active as our previous batch containing 90% mixed tocopherol powder in a vegetable oil carrier. This is due to the process of how the Vitamin E is derived. Instead of reconstituting tocopherol powder into a carrier oil base, the tocopherols are derived directly from the sunflower seeds. This means that it still contains all of the other beneficial components found in their natural state and is in its own natural sunflower oil matrix.

This natural antioxidant is especially designed for cosmetic products such as skin and body care blends, facial masks and serums, sun care, hair care, lip products, soap bars, and more. Usage rate can vary from 0.05 - 1% of the total formula, with a typical usage rate of 0.1 - 0.3%.

PLEASE NOTE: Vitamin E is an oil-soluble antioxidant suitable for retarding oxidation and rancidity in oil-based formulas. An additional preservative system to prevent the growth of mold and other microbials is needed for water-based formulas. To achieve optimal efficacy, this Vitamin E should be heated and mixed thoroughly before using. Please see Blending Suggestions above for instructions.


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Customer Reviews



So we like this Vitamin E as its non allergenic. But we have alot of issues with it separating.

Review by Perma 11/3/2022

Best E ever!


I love this E oil. It is by far the very best I have found. Nice and thick and brown. You can use it alone beside your eyes, and anywhere you need serious extra moisture. Scent is very light. I searched a long time to find the perfect E oil and have now found it at EB!

Review by Country 4/27/2019

The best vitamin e I've found!


If you're in the market for vitamin e oils, none can compare to this! Not only is it amazingly effective at giving longevity to your creations, but it also smells AMAZING. It has this soft nutty note (just like sunflower seeds) that isn't too strong and overpowering, but delicious enough that you'll want to sniff your bottle over and over again. Not only that, but you can tell it hasn't been diluted and adulterated. Most vitamin e oils are super light in color and watery, this however is so thick and rich that it needs heat to even be used. Such an incredible material! I am so grateful EB decided to source a soy\corn-free vitamin e... it really is well worth the investment.

Review by J 9/29/2017

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