Tamanu (Foraha) Oil - Organic

lum inophyllum L.


Tamanu (Foraha) Oil, also known as Calophyllum Oil, is a richly emollient oil pressed from the fruit kernels of a large tropical evergreen tree that originated in Polynesia and is now found in several other equatorial countries. With its aromatic nutty aroma and greenish hue, this skin-loving kernel oil has been


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Tamanu (Foraha) Oil, also known as Calophyllum Oil, is a richly emollient oil pressed from the fruit kernels of a large tropical evergreen tree that originated in Polynesia and is now found in several other equatorial countries. With its aromatic nutty aroma and greenish hue, this skin-loving kernel oil has been dubbed “green gold.”[1]

The botanical name Calophyllum inophyllum comes from the Greek kalos, which means ‘beautiful’, phullon, which means 'leaf' and ino-, an obsolete prefix meaning 'fiber' or 'fibrous'. Considered sacred in Tahiti since ancient times, all parts of the Tamanu tree have a rich and storied history of use by many indigenous Island peoples, particularly for skincare and beauty.

Two main active constituents in Calophyllum oil were discovered by a Frenchman named Professor Lederer who succeeded in isolating two important components of the oil – calophyllic acid (a 'new' fatty acid), and a lactone said to be the origin of the oil’s remarkable effects on skin. Tamanu oil is well suited for targeted skincare preparations, after-sun creams, in massage oils and joint rubs, and added to facial serums to improve the appearance of dry, aging, mature, sun-exposed, and congested skin.

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1 Parker, Susan M. Power of the Seed, 2014, pp. 129.

2 Schnaubelt, Kurt. Advanced Aromatherapy, 1998, p. 62.


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Customer Reviews

Perfect for Mom


My Mom had a lot of radiation to her face to shrink a cancerous tumor as surgery was not an option. Her skin was fried... like a horrible sun burn. I have mixed oils for years to gently treat her skin during radiation/chemo. I used Tamanu recently and my Mom is loving it! She says she feels the difference in her skin and sees improvements in her skin's elasticity, texture, and color. I blend with a slough of other oils but this is what I have changed up. I personally LOVE the smell. It smells like pancakes... or a really delicious nutty oatmeal... but I like oatmeal and pancakes. So does Mom, which is what counts. I wish it suspended in the oils (I blend with cold pressed castor, jojoba and FCO) better but it's a natural raw material, so I expected it. It even says it's tricky in application. I can try and master that later but all in all, I am pleased. I love you little Tamanu- you're my friend.

Review by Miss Layla 12/5/2018



Big mistake not buying a sample first. I usually purchase tamanu oil from a different company but I've been pretty happy with my previous orders and as great as the sample option is, it also gets expensive especially when the sample I get will most likely not be from the same batch of oils I purchase once I get them all home to try out. So I went for the 2 ounce size and I'm not happy with what I received. I have tried many different companies over the years and know that oils differ depending on where they're from and the seasons etc. etc. But I'll be going back to my usual supplier and I would not recommend this oil unless you plan on sampling first. The one I received is a pale yellow (not the deep green I'm used to) and the smell is barely there, also unusual for this oil. Response from the Oil Room: Frankie: We’re so sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our Organic Tamanu. Please note that we have a 100% guarantee on our products and if you would like a refund, please just contact us via email or phone. You are correct that this is a natural product and thus prone to natural variation. Our current lot of Tamanu is paler in color than it has been in the past, but it is still within our specifications. It does have a distinctive nutty aroma to our noses but we understand that sense of smell can be highly subjective. While this oil does not meet your needs, some may prefer the lighter color and a slightly more delicate aroma for use in their formulations.

Review by Frankie 1/29/2017

Best oil for skin


This is a great oil for skin. If you have a fresher wound (scabbed but not fully healed) try this oil at 10-15% in a blend with geranium, neroli and a carrier oil. The speed of the skin knitting together will amaze you and scars do not even form. Quite the happy healer!

Review by Anjali 2/6/2016

odor problematic!


I like this oil for skin healing, albeit problematic using it in an ointment, I found the odor not so pleasant, and hard to mask with other aromas and carrier oils. consequently, customers aren't thrilled with the product because of the smell, regardless of its healing abilities. Scent and presentation is almost everything when making a sale.....any suggestions?

Review by chana 2/17/2014



Excellent addition to the aromatic family with new nuts aroma!

Review by Ashlimo 4/30/2013

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