Sandalwood By-Absolute

Santalum austrocaledonicum Vieille


Our Sandalwood By-Absolute offers a unique woody-sweet aroma in natural perfumes. A by-absolute is an extraction process whereby the heartwood is first distilled for essential oil, and then the same material is used to extract the absolute.


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Product Overview

Our Sandalwood By-Absolute offers a unique woody-sweet aroma in natural perfumes. A by-absolute is an extraction process whereby the heartwood is first distilled for essential oil, and then the same material is used to extract the absolute. This exceptionally sustainable process renders an absolute that adds delicious, deep warm wood and maple syrup/brown sugar-like notes to your blends.

Sandalwood is revered for its sweet, warm, woody and rich aroma. It is widely sought after in body care, skin care, natural perfumes, and incense for its beautiful, divine aroma that inspires both an ambiance of sensuality and peaceful contemplation. Used for thousands of years in the Eastern world, from Egypt to India to Israel, Sandalwood is a well-respected oil with many beneficial properties.

The Sandalwood most recognized is Santalum album oil from the Mysore region of India – a species that has become virtually extinct due to years of over harvesting and poaching. Thankfully, there are now various species of Sandalwood available that use more sustainable and ethical practices to meet high consumer demand. This austrocaledonicum species of Sandalwood, with its rich, warm wood aroma, provides a cost effective and sustainable alternative to endangered Indian Sandalwood oils. The uniquely sweet sugary quality has become a favorite of natural perfumers.

Eden Botanicals offers a wide variety of species of Sandalwood from around the globe to fit your budget and needs. We procure our oils from reputable sources that are ethically harvesting the trees so this precious resource can be sustained.

1 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 419.

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Customer Reviews

unusual sandalwood


this is like 10 year old sandalwood drizzled with maple syrup next to a stick of butter. It's so good I wanna eat it.

Review by blake 4/6/2024



The maple and brown sugar notes are delicious. It's a solid sandalwood just like you want but with that something extra. This is my new go-to!

Review by Jerry 5/9/2023

It kills me that this is unavailable, with no hope for restock


This sandalwood is a perfumer's dream. It is a perfect fixative...buttery, warm, rich, inviting...and it blends marvelously with just about anything. Unlike steam distilled sandalwoods which have this "musty" (almost moldy) dry smell, sandalwood absolute is loved by all. I have some customers who generally hate sandalwood but still love this essential oil. Why is solvent extracted so hard to find? I've been trying all of EB's alternatives... unfortunately none can substitute for this one. I wish we had been given warning... I would have bought an 8 oz. :P

Review by The best sandalwood in the world 9/13/2016



Ok so.....I just purchased some of this. I have sampled the New Caledonia Sandalwood essential oil before but not the absolute, so it was pretty much a blind buy. I brought the absolute because it is cheaper compared to the others, which is surprising for an absolute. I have to say, however, that I am a bit unimpressed. It is not a bad smell at all, but it is not what I expected. I have gotten the sandalwood character with the essential oil I sampled but not with this absolute. Some of it comes out a bit later on in the dry down but not much. Initially I do kinda get the maple syrup reference, but only slightly. Also the overall strength of the smell is muted and could easily get lost in a blend. All in all, not my cup of tea. Response from the oils room: Please keep in mind that the famous sandalwood from Mysore, India will always be the standard for the best of all the attributes associated with it, perhaps especially regarding sandalwood's aroma. But also bear in mind that the species that grows in New Caledonia is not the same as that from India, and it will have somewhat different chemical constituents and constituent ratios which will have an affect on aroma, tenacity, and/or fixative qualities, which is to be expected.

Review by anonymous 10/28/2015

Very interesting sandal wood


When I smelled this oil & rubbed it on my hands , the smell was new & interesting. 30 minutes later the sandal wood smell comes out , that interesting smell gradually fades away leaving a nice clean , not too bold sandalwood scent .I received this in a sample pack & would buy more for friends & family , still testing the rest of the samples.

Review by Ish ( oudh fanatic ) 4/17/2015

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