Osmanthus Absolute

Osmanthus fragrans Lour.


Our luscious and very special Osmanthus Absolute has a soft yet very concentrated aroma, so don't let a whiff straight from the bottle fool you! On a fragrance tester strip, its intense, incredibly rich, sweet, fruity-floral aroma has honeyed apricot and dried fruit nuances with light spicy notes of Black Pepper


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Product Overview

The genus Osmanthus is in the same botanical family – Oleaceae – as Jasmine and Lilac[1]; this species, O. fragrans, is an evergreen shrub[2] native to eastern Asia. The yield of Osmanthus absolute is only about one kilo per 1,000 kilos of flowers harvested in September/October,[3] another, older source states three times as many flowers yield one kilo,[4] the difference in weight of flowers required is more than likely due to seasonal changes, time of harvest, etc. – this, plus the expense of labor involved in hand harvesting contributes to the comparably high cost for this precious aromatic oil.

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Customer Reviews



I don't normally do reviews and really hate to give a bad review but this isn't what I was expecting or wanted it to smell like. I am in love with the smell of tea olive trees and after much "research" and decided to order the proper name of this tree fragrance "osmanthus" I was so excited! It definitely doesn't smell anything like the tea olive to me and wanted to hopefully spare someone else the disappointment and money.

Review by Breeze 10/20/2020

Smokey and Sweet


The top notes are very heady and special, i felt a vortex of smoke and sweet powder notes, when the scent settle down i got a steady leathery scent with delicate vibes of peach. When its diluted you can really smell a perfumed sweet olive like scent that i could not stop sniffing it really sends you to far away places My wife and customers loved the natural perfume version i made. Will buy again in larger amounts for sure.

Review by Eyal 8/4/2019



First impressions on my skin right out of the bottle: I get a skanky animalic, "olive" note. That's right- olive... like a dirty martini.. ::slobber::. It's been settling for about 30 seconds now: Dear Osmanthus, don't take this the wrong way but you smell like a campsite bathroom. There's a forest-y, earthy quality to you but you smell like pee... which must be your animal side? The apricots come later... a little fruity bitterness too. You know what? You can be my forbidden fruit- you little naughty thing, you. Two thumbs up!

Review by Miss Layla 10/26/2018

Beautiful in blends


Honey and apricots, juicy, sweet and fruity. At first, I felt this was too sweet and fruity for me, however, it is exquisite simply blended with a bit of Turkish Rose Otto and Hawaiian or Australian Sandalwood. It is now one of my can't live without oils for fruity, floral perfumes.

Review by Rose 9/17/2018

Apricot Soda & Macho Musky Football Player?!


I had no idea. This was a sweet surprise!!! Right out of the sampler I smelled heavy fruit, the apricot! It reminded me of a tart energy drink kinda taste, fizzy, bubbly effervescent scent. The tea note is very nice, to me it was less green and maybe more black? Tannic in nature, it reminded me of a pigskin football! This awesome absolute reminded me of the smell football jerseys, that slick material they make the numbers out of. It's like a ghostly resinous note similar to benzoin, smell the inside of a Halloween mask from the movie scream! It's the only way I can describe that texture, but I noticed so many subtle hits, that it might have come from something else. But the football leather and suede... So velvety. Remind me of someone's sweat. A super clean refined sweat. Almost like a happy happy pheromonal note :-) Very balanced in its sweet-tart and astringent-almost bitter edges!! Masculine and feminine making it a great addition to men's and ladies fragrances. Takes one to the exotic with coconut and orange blossom, bees wax and other white and orange treats for soft velvety textures. Thank yoooooouuuuuu, Eden!!

Review by MD 2/6/2018

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