Lavender, Seville - Organic EO

Lavandula stoechas subsp. luisieri (Rozeira) Rozeira


We are excited to offer the unique and unusual organic Lavender Seville, a subspecies of Lavandula stoechas. This essential oil's aroma differentiates markedly from that of the typical aroma of Lavender oils. Seville Lavender's aroma has exquisite sweet apricot/fig/dried fruit notes


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Lavandula stoechas subsp. luisieri plants are found mainly in the southwest corner of Spain and are widely seen throughout Portugal. They are often found with L. viridis, producing occasional hybrids. Two chemotypes of L. stoechas subsp. luisieri occur, with an unidentified ester as their main component.[1] The analysis shows there is no camphor or fenchone found in the more common L. stoechas varieties, but it does contain a small amount of verbenone accounting for a distinct ketonic note.[2] There is also limonene (lemony scent), cubebol, and irregular esters and other compounds unique to L. luisieri.[3]

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Lavender Fields Forever

At the end of June, a few of us at Eden Botanicals had the great pleasure of traveling to France to visit our parent company, Biolandes, and to see various harvesting and distilling locations,



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Essential oils are potent and highly concentrated extracts derived from plants. As a frame of reference, a moderately high-producing plant like Lavender


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Customer Reviews



Very interesting lavender. It is first lavender-like, then it fades into some whiskey. It's like if you soaked fresh lavender flowers into aged cognac. Sometimes it's a little hard to work with because it is so abstract, so I added some lavender absolute and it was a banger of a trio

Review by blake 4/6/2024

Something Different.


I really love this lavender but it is nothing like lavender. It is identifiable as lavender, but thats the most I can say for the similarity. Check the COA and you will see the chemical makeup is different. This one smells to me a very orange honey, sweet and an almost spicy and fruity lavender scent. It's a great way to add a subdued sweet creamy citrus note if you don't want to use actual citrus, as I prefer not. The lavender is there but it shares the aroma with many other qualities that make this unique.

Review by Ole 9/14/2020

Unique and beautiful


I fell in love with this lavender. Leather and cognac notes are what make this type distinct and unique. Totally disagree with two disappointment comments below. You have all the information to figure out what to expect in the description. Thank you Eden Botanicals I hope you are gonna keep it in the list of lavender oils.

Review by Anton 6/22/2020

One of my favorite scents


I like lavender Seville better than "regular" lavender. There's almost no end to the interesting nuances in it--tea, leather, earth, hay, even an animalic note that reminds me of horses. I find it dark and sexy and can see it working equally well in feminine and masculine perfumes, but this is an oil I can wear by itself. I haven't yet had a chance to try it in blends but cannot wait--the options seem almost endless! If it has a drawback, it is only that it isn't as long-lasting as some other lavenders. But with the right base/fixative I am sure it will be dynamite.

Review by Alexandra 6/11/2020

Sample It First!


I am soooo glad I sampled it first. Hard to believe this is of the lavender plant at all (scent wise)! Personally I don't care for the aroma. At all. But I give it 3 stars because of the quality of the oil. Rich in color and consistency- it's obviously very pure and intentionally produced. That is worth at least 3 stars.

Review by Paris Jaye 6/6/2020

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