Juniper Berry CO2 - Organic

Juniperus communis L.


Our organic Juniper Berry CO2 select extract has a radiant, lively, woody-fruity aroma with very green and somewhat sweet undertones – the Juniper oil favored in fine perfumery with its long dry down and fine tenacity.


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Product Overview

Our organic Juniper Berry CO2 select extract has a radiant, lively, woody-fruity aroma with very green and somewhat sweet undertones – the Juniper oil favored in fine perfumery with its long dry down and fine tenacity. The supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process dissolves phenolic diterpenes, waxes, carotenoids, and other plant constituents, compounds that may not be present in the essential oil of Juniper Berry [1] resulting in an aromatic oil that more closely resembles the rich depth of character found in fresh, ripe Juniper Berries.

Juniper Berries are actually the small cones of this evergreen, shrub-like conifer tree that hails from the Cypress family. The aromatic properties of all parts of Juniper trees have been used traditionally for cleansing and incense by many cultures, from the ancient Romans and Medieval Europeans using in temples or strewn on floors,[3] to the Chinese and Native Americans burning in ceremony. 

The uplifting and centering aroma of Juniper Berry CO2 is excellent when diffused before meditation or added to air-refreshing room sprays, cleansing baths, saunas, or chest rubs. In invigorating massage oils, it lends qualities of clean freshness and warmth.[1] Its astringent properties make it ideal in skincare preparations for oily, dull, or congested skin, after-shaves, deodorants, leg lotions, and foot baths. Natural perfumers will enjoy the deeper, more complex richness of CO2 extracted Juniper Berry to bring woody-fruity warmth and balsamic freshness to their creations, especially with Labdanum, Frankincense or Sandalwood.

1 Bowles, E. Joy. The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils, 3rd ed., 2003, pp. 168-9.

3 Battaglia, Salvatore, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, 3rd ed., 2018, pp. 349-355.

4 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 317.

5 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, pp, 314-5.

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5 Reviews


Customer Reviews

Not what I was expecting


This smells like galbanum-ish to me. There are no berry notes even in the dry down at 30%. I have a steam distilled eo of juniper berry and it is drastically different, softer, and more spicy berry notes. This has more of the juniper leaf pee...kind of green...and somewhat peppery, however, no all.

Review by Erica 12/30/2023

holds it's own


I was a little hesitant to try a Juniper oil as many years ago I tested allergic to juniper. However I love some of the "gin & tonic " scents and wanted to make my own natural version, potential allergies be damned. In terms of "gin" this would be a top shelf and has all the complexity of something like Hanger One's Mt. Tam gin. Very bright, with a lingering spicy sweetness, close your eyes and it could be fresh juniper berries. I also tried this in a blend with the Sri Lanka vetiver & cardamom, both very prominent oils, but this juniper co2 is very evident as a refreshing middle note, not overwhelmed by the others. Additionally I have not had any reactions dermal or respiratory to this oil and have used myself as test subject over several weeks. My friend who I made the vetiver/cardamom/juniper blend for might not get it bc I might keep it!

Review by Lena 3/18/2015



Juniper berry is a sweet, slightly herbacous oil. I ordered it blindly becauseit has so many medicinal ( external) uses. I was so pleasantly surprised at the sweet fresh aroma. I honestly expected more of the juniper note. Great product. I love it.

Review by lisa 5/24/2013

Like being in the desert on a warm day.


oo…. Like being in the desert on a warm day. sweet, dry, woody. This CO2, like many CO2 aromas are much more like the actual plant without the harsher aroma in some essential oils. I use this in various synergies. It is awesome with bay laurel, L angustifolia, sea buckthorn in organic grape oil for acne/oily skin. It is very comforting in emotional support synergies as well

Review by Eleanor 3/2/2013

The traditions of India


I was researching scents that would be inspired by native India and Ayurveda for my line of body care products. In one of my products (hydrosol combined with essential oils) something was missing and I wasn't quite sure what I should add. One of my favorite features of ordering from Eden is the free samples that offered based on the size of your sale. I struck gold when I placed a large order and was able to try all sorts of new oils. When I saw that juniper berry was an option I was especially excited because I knew that from an inspiration standpoint, juniper berry would be a great addition in regards to India. And once again I wasn't disappointed. I had never worked with juniper berry and in the end it was just what my product needed-a unique blend that comes off as a combination of sweet, citrusy and earthy all at once. LOVE it.

Review by Erik 3/1/2013

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