Jasmine CO2

Jasminum grandiflorum L.


Our amazing Jasmine CO2 has a very sweet, floral, slightly fruity and tea-like aroma, with a delicate, ethereal aroma and a hint of indole undertone. It is extracted from Jasmine concrète, rather than directly from the flowers. The concrète is produced during the first stage of creating Jasmine Absolute,


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Our amazing Jasmine CO2 has a very sweet, floral, slightly fruity and tea-like aroma, with a delicate, ethereal aroma and a hint of indole undertone. It is extracted from Jasmine concrète, rather than directly from the flowers. The concrète is produced during the first stage of creating Jasmine Absolute, then the oil from the concrète is extracted using modern CO2 technology. The result is a very viscous oil (nearly solid at cooler temperatures) with an aroma that is lighter, more delicate and more ethereal than Jasminum grandiflorum absolutes. Quite heavenly! However, since Jasmine CO2 is not completely liquid it is more challenging to work with, but we feel it is well worth it. Surprisingly, Jasmine CO2 is longer lasting on scent strips than the Jasmine Absolutes. It is a very lovely oil, highly concentrated, and recommended to all lovers of Jasmine.

Jasmine has been among the principal ingredients of more than 80% of all quality perfumes and a third of all men’s fragrances[1] The sensual aroma is exhilarating and playful, and according to Patricia Davis, brings together the fiery dynamism associated with the masculine aspect (yang) and the soft earthiness of the feminine (yin).[2] The uninhibited aroma evokes lightness and joy, setting the stage for physical awareness and imagination. It is no wonder that the flowers, thought to awaken the spiritual nature of intimacy, have been used traditionally in some cultures to decorate the bed of newlyweds. In magical spiritual traditions, Jasmine is used as a devotional anointing oil and is worn for blessings and good luck.[3]

One look at the chemistry of this seductive aroma explains a lot about its sensual appeal. Amid a bouquet of complex flowery esters, including methyl anthranilate, is the queen of floral aromas, indole, but only if smelled in low concentrations; it occurs naturally in human feces and, at full strength, has an intense fecal odor. At very low concentrations, however, it is intensely floral and appears in some of the sweetest blossoms – for example Narcissus, Jonquil, Honeysuckle, Champaca and Neroli – and is highly regarded in natural perfumery.

Jasmine vines in full flower have a voluptuous aroma that surrounds and embraces anyone who passes by. Indeed, no other floral aroma can compare to Jasmine’s legendary effects. The aroma of Jasmine is said to blend with virtually everything and is an indispensable ingredient for the natural perfumer.

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Customer Reviews

Mouth-Watering, Syrupy Jasmine CO2


For me it comes down to this: Jasmine Sambac Abso: Green, fruity (the most distictive) Jasmine Grand Abso: Sweet, powdery Jasmine Grand O.E.: Sweet, fruity (olive-y at first) Jasmine Grand CO2: Sweet, syrupy I love all of these jasmines that Eden offers. If you love jasmine, you must try them all.

Review by Fred 1/16/2024

absolutely gorgeous


This is exactly what I was looking for in a Jasmine, sweet like fresh jasmine without the cloying scent it can sometimes have. It's perfect to wear a drop on it's own for fragrance. Try it you'll love it.

Review by Liona 5/9/2017



green floral...warmed my sample.....notes of orchid peeking from below no trite top note heaviness, but full green/white ..clean and pure

Review by Teena 9/27/2016

Great Jasmine


As a lover of the smell of natural jasmine--there's nothing better than walking by a wild bunch of the little flowers--I enjoy trying jasmine oils. Right out of the bottle, this is dirty and suggestive, at least in my opinion. It's also solid and wound up being not as easy to work with as other waxes or butters are. Every time I opened the bottle I would get hit with this huge blast of perching, bright, dirty jasmine. It took me a long time to start playing with it since it always seemed too bombastic for whatever blend I was working on, but it turns out this initial gaudy power quickly dies down to a soft green authentic-smelling whiff of jasmine which then lingers for a nice long while. Add some top notes to cover and enhance the opening just right and you won't get the grit or excessive strength, just a great fresh jasmine note. I blended this with orris butter and a few other touches and was not worried about wearing it to work, even though I'm a man, because when the floral quality is tamed like that this can lend itself to unisex or even masculine blends easily.

Review by Casiquire 9/16/2015

Genuine and multi-faceted


From the sampler pack, this is my favorite. More complex, with an almost animal musky or smoky tone under the sweet and light floral. Smells very genuine and seems to capture more of the flower than the absolutes, as lovely as they are.

Review by M. 6/20/2014

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