About Us

Eden Botanicals is located in the historic northern California town of Petaluma, nestled in the agricultural region of scenic Sonoma County. Founded in 1985, the company began by importing genuine amber resin. Since that time, we have grown steadily and today we carry over 260 pure and natural Essential OilsAbsolutesCO2 extracts, and Organic Extracts - including many that are rare and precious.

It is our mission to travel the globe and source the best aromatic, botanical extracts available for aromatherapy, natural perfumery, and for skin and body care formulations. We know that the choice of supplier, the geographic region, soil, climate and the particular growing conditions encountered by the plant can greatly affect product quality. We partner with reputable growers from around the world and are committed to finding unusual and interesting oils for our customers. No matter how rare or commonplace the oil, we always strive to find the finest quality and offer you the best value. Although many of our customers are manufacturers who purchase our products in larger quantities, everyone is welcome to take advantage of our bulk pricing. For more information, please visit Ordering Info.

In addition to supplying premium oils, we also pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service. Our talented staff is well-versed in aromatherapy and natural perfumery and can help offer guidance on the best oils for your needs. In addition, our international team of essential oil sleuths are “on the ground” in Europe with their fingers on the pulse of the latest developments in distillation and production from important aromatic plant-growing regions across the Atlantic and into Asia. We are more than happy to answer your questions, either by phone, email or through the Education section of our website.

Our highest aims at Eden Botanicals are to offer you the most exceptional aromatics and related supplies at fair and bulk prices, superior customer service, trouble-free and expedited shipping options and a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.