Coffee Bean CO2 - Organic

Coffea arabica L.


It is not hard to imagine the delightful aroma that can be achieved with our organic Coffee Bean CO2 Total Extract in cosmetic, skin care, and body products, especially for enlivening the start of the day!


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It is not hard to imagine the delightful aroma that can be achieved with our organic Coffee Bean CO2 Total Extract in cosmetic, skin care, and body products, especially for enlivening the start of the day! It is considered a suitable and non-irritating oil for use in cosmetics, skin care, and natural perfumery.[1],[2]

Coffee Bean CO2 Total Extract is an aromatic fatty oil with both volatile and non-volatile coffee aroma components (e.g., 2-furanmethanol, methylpyrazine, furfuryl acetate), as well as less than 0.5% caffeine. Caffeol is the constituent responsible for the distinctive aroma of coffee beans and is produced when the beans are roasted.[3] Cafestol, a diterpene, is the main constituent of the non-saponifiable portion of Coffee Bean oil and is under study for its diverse range of benefits.

Traditional and sacred uses of Coffea arabica include many exotic aromatic and topical preparations, especially when paired with Cardamom and Honey (or Beeswax).[4] In addition to its use in cosmetics and skin care formulations, it could also be used as part of the carrier for oil-based natural perfumes.

In culture, tradition, and daily ritual, this familiar, roasty aroma is very personal with the power to evoke something unique in each person. Here is a way to bring your favorite morning ritual with you, wherever you wander.

1 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 3.

2 Industry communication.


4 Rätsch, Christian. Plants of Love, 1997, p. 53.

5 Industry communication.

6 Kerkhof, Madeleine. CO2 Extracts in Aromatherapy: 50+ Extracts for Clinical Applications, 2018, p. 77.

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6 Reviews


Customer Reviews

Fresh coffee


This smells like freshly ground coffee beans.

Review by Ben 7/27/2023

Smells like a batch of dark, rich coffee!


I am blown away by the fragrance of this CO2! It smells just like I were brewing dark roast coffee in my home. As I can't drink coffee any more (caffeine has the opposite effect on me), I can use this to enjoy that wonderful fragrance without having to brew it! I can't wait to try blending it with vanilla and other florals in my diffuser!

Review by ANABks 11/14/2016



This CO2 smells like freshly ground beans. It is very strong. When I place it on my skin with oil it feels like I had caffeine. When I add it to my diffuser that has rements of others essentials, it becomes a new beautiful scent.

Review by DGV 6/14/2016



I do not like coffee, however, I do love the smell of coffee. Folks, if you love the smell of coffee, you hit the jackpot on this one! I have been searching for a car air freshener for years that smells like coffee to no avail. My search is over. I will be making my own with this oil. EB, you've done it again!

Review by Chrissy 5/12/2016



I just got a sample of this baby, and wow is all I can say! Amazing. Thanks EB!!

Review by Bev 9/22/2015

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