Hazardous materials laws (hazmat) may affect the way some of your oils are shipped.

Many essential oils are considered to be hazardous (mainly because of flammability) and thus require special handling. If you are located within the continental US or Canada and usually choose Ground as your shipping method, this fact will not affect you. The hazardous status of your oils may affect you if you are shipping using an Air method, such as United States Postal Service Priority or 1st Class, International shipping, expedited shipping, and shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

These hazardous essential oils can be shipped in the air and outside of the United States when using specific handling guidelines, which we follow. These oils can be shipped via UPS, FedEx or DHL and may be subject to special handling and/or fees if they are in sizes of 1 oz or larger. We do have various ways of repackaging your order to eliminate or reduce these fees. For example, a 4 oz bottle of our Lemon Essential oil will be shipped in four 1 oz bottles to comply with shipping regulations. Please note that any oil considered to be hazardous cannot be shipped via United States Postal Service unless it is in our small sample size of 1 ml.

You may visit My Cart for the hazmat class of each of the oils you would like to purchase. Please contact us if your shipping costs seem higher than normal or your order contains greater than 32 oz of a hazardous oil in a single order. We would be more than happy to assist you!