Oakwood Absolute 50%

Quercus robur L.


Our Oakwood Absolute is intense and rich with a smooth, earthy, sweet wood aroma, soft vanilla and whiskey-like undertones, and faint leather and tobacco backnotes.


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Product Overview

Our Oakwood Absolute is intense and rich with a smooth, earthy, sweet wood aroma, soft vanilla and whiskey-like undertones, and faint leather and tobacco backnotes. This fascinating absolute exudes a fragrance redolent of vintage oak casks, peat moss, old leather chairs and books, brass lamps, and a snifter of cognac warming by the fire. An intriguing aroma indeed!

The common or English oak is native to England and Western Europe where it has been a part of the mythology and sacred practice of the Celts, Druids, Gauls, Norse, Greeks and Romans for millennia. Long a symbol of strength and longevity, these majestic trees bear trunks that can reach a circumference of over 40 feet. We produce the absolute in France with oakwood chips left over from the manufacture of oak barrels used for aging wine and spirits. The forest certified wood is dried and aged for over a year before barrel production begins to ensure it emits the finest tannins, subtle vanilla notes, complexity, and texture. The solvent extracted chips yield a viscous absolute that is diluted for ease of use with 50% with triethyl citrate (TEC), an odorless, colorless additive generally recognized as safe by the FDA. Oakwood Absolute is soluble in 190 proof alcohol; it is only partially soluble in fixed oil with the insoluble materials settling to the bottom, leaving a clear oil that can be decanted from the top.

The rich, sweet woody, boozy, and captivating aroma of Oakwood Absolute is a useful and exciting addition to the palette of perfumers looking to add to their collection of base notes/modifiers. It is an elegant choice in woody and ‘whisky’ accords and Amber bases, for extending precious woods such as Sandalwood and Agarwood, or to elevate the character of earthy notes such as Patchouli and Vetiver.

PLEASE NOTE: Oakwood Absolute is intended for use in perfumery only. This product is 50% Oakwood Absolute diluted in 50% TEC (triethyl citrate), a natural ester of citric acid that aids solubility. Although TEC is regarded as safe, it is not recognized as a purely natural ingredient.


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Customer Reviews

The scent of strength and whiskey barrels.


I bought this looking for unusual woods to use in perfumery for men's colognes. It is challenging to work with because the scent is so powerful. Even at 1% dilution, it's tendency to overpower requires care. To me, it smells of raw, unrefined strength and is also reminiscent of whiskey barrels, with their connotations. If you want to portray the strength and character of the working man, this does well. If you want a refined impression, this must be blended very carefully with other things. Probably not a scent I will work with much, but very good for it's niche.

Review by Shannon 5/28/2015

Aged cognac / cottage smell


This scent is a discussion piece for people who love woody / aged cognac / fresh cottage smell that was built new. Very interesting smell. If you like Oudh this scent should be in your collection. Smell changes into a Caramel hint on the dry down. When 1st applied the smell is so strong that it has sweet cherry wood feel but not the same scent. The pungent aspect comes out in a heart beat. Couple minutes later the aged 100 year old cognac scent hits in. Once again this scent is discussion piece to have in your collection. One of a kind.

Review by Ish ( Oudh fanatic ) 4/28/2015

About dilution


If you simply let it sit in Perfumers Alcohol long enough it will take on the scent even if it does not dilute 100 percent. I found it an interesting component to perfumery.

Review by Kimberly 4/5/2015



Word of advice, make sure to dilute this even further with either alcohol or a carrier oil before adding it to a blend. It will not liquify more than the viscosity of maple syrup in the winter if you don't.

Review by Justin 3/19/2015

smells great/impossible to work with


I was hoping to add this to a perfume blend because it smells amazing, but unfortunately, this stuff is so thick that it's virtually impossible to work with. It didn't matter how long I heated it up for, it stayed the same thickness. Eden Botanicals, you need to develop a 10% dilution of this stuff.

Review by Justin 3/19/2015

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