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Disposable pipettes are useful for measuring small quantities of essential oils. For blending purposes, they are preferred over bottle orifice reducers for the control and accuracy they offer.

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Disposable pipettes are useful for measuring small quantities of essential oils. For blending purposes, they are preferred over bottle orifice reducers for the control and accuracy they offer. We definitely recommend the use of pipettes for more viscous oils, which do not pass easily through a reducer (ex: Vetiver, Cocoa Absolute, Sandalwood). Pipettes are also helpful for thinner oils, such as citrus oils, which often drop out of an orifice reducer too quickly.

Measuring Stem Pipettes (shown on the left) are marked in increments of .5 ml, up to 3 ml. Disposable plastic, may be reused for same oil. Full pipette capacity 7 ml, approximately 6 inches in length. The Fine Stem Pipette (shown on the right) or the Fine Measuring Stem Pipette (shown in the middle) are perfect for removing essential oils from our sample vials! This Measuring Stem Pipette will be too large in diameter for this purpose.


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Now, I feel "official", LOL!


These are so much fun! I got the fine stem pipettes. The plastic is soft yet sturdy. I tried it with a thicker butter and it worked, but I didn't know it would be slightly hard to come back out (I'm a beginner: the trial & error is part of the process!) I tried it tonight with a liquid EO, and OMG! It just aspired some oil all the way up to the top! (I was a bit too eager, because the tonka bean butter is more "slow" to move.) Not to worry: it gives you complete control, so I was able to pour most of it back into my original bottle. Then used just a few drops in my creation, and I was able to round out the smell with the final top note, and create a delicate perfume that is just perfect for me! Did I mention how fun it is? Or maybe it's just me: I love blending stuff and then testing it. After all, if I'm gonna have a hobby, it needs to be fun. So, for me it's forget taking (boring) chemistry lessons and going years to perfumery academy! EB has everything we need right here to get started and feel (and act) like a "pro" from the start. We can buy as little as our budget permits, and you are still treated like a valuable customer by their team! I have no idea what I'll come back for next, but I will. If you haven't tried the pipettes yet, they make the hobby easier, so get some and have fun! They're an amateur perfumer's #1 tool.

Review by Black Pepper 8/10/2020



These pipettes are perfect for all your perfume making needs.

Review by Carey 3/9/2018

These ROCK!


These are a MUST HAVE for producing quality perfume and fragrance. Makes measuring, moving and mastering your projects a breeze! With enough practice, you can extract almost every drop out of the samplers too! If it's 6 or 20-30 drop, these can all be collected and carefully put into your containers accordingly. I'm very pleased with these, Eden! A neat trick can be done to preserve these as long as you need... For instance, as you use "lavender Bulgaria and Rose Otto", one can rinse with alcohol, thoroughly wash, label with a string and paper note or what ever your label of choice is, and write in the name. For carrier oils or thick absolutes, I'd let them sit for awhile in the alcohol. Maybe even keep your alcohol for a diluted perfume. The possibilities are endless!

Review by MD 11/24/2015



These work great to measure oils, highly recommend!

Review by mande 5/7/2013

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