Cypress By-Absolute

Cupressus sempervirens L.


Our Cypress By-Absolute has a deep, woody-green, balsamic aroma with spicy-jammy top notes over rich layers of animalic amber, damp earth and moss, and hints of hay, smoke and tobacco in the tenacious drydown.


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Our Cypress By-Absolute has a deep, woody-green, balsamic aroma with spicy-jammy top notes over rich layers of animalic amber, damp earth and moss, and hints of hay, smoke and tobacco in the tenacious drydown. This unique extract, or ‘By-Absolute,’ is obtained from solvent extraction of the spent needles, twigs and branches that remain after the steam distillation of Cypress essential oil. The result is a complex absolute for formulators and natural perfumers that adds curious, mossy green and wet forest elements particularly to fougère, amber, chypre fragrances. Its smooth richness rivals Oakmoss, of which it is an interesting and economical alternative. We find it powerfully evocative!

Utilizing the spent material after steam distillation enables us make the most of the Cypress harvest and the wealth of aromatic molecules that are too large to pass through steam. The up-cycled material undergoes a solvent extraction process, yielding a semi-solid, dark green concrète with a powerful balsamic-fatty and pine-like odor. Then, the concrète is washed with ethanol to produce a slightly more mobile, unctuous and greener ‘by-absolute’ containing a large amount of aromatic resin-acids, or oleoresins, that lend depth and complexity.

Originating in the eastern Mediterranean, the majestic evergreen Cypress trees grow both wild and cultivated along the coastlines of Southern France, Italy, Corsica, Spain, Portugal and North Africa.[1] Cypress trees are long-lived and do not easily decay (thus the Latin name sempervirens – ‘lives forever’.) These trees are all about endurance – the oldest living Cypress tree is in Iran and is estimated to be approximately 4,000 years old! These tall, slender trees epitomize upward motion and centered energy.

Possessing many of the uplifting aromatic qualities shared by Cypress essential oil and other coniferous needle trees, along with the added intensity of oleoresins yielded through solvent extraction, Cypress By-Absolute is a multi-faceted and tenacious fragrance component for the natural perfumer.

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2 Lawless, Alec. Artisan Perfumery or Being Led by the Nose, 2009, p. 68.

3 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 211.

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Essentially Cypress Absolute


No one has reviewed this yet, which is a shame, so I'd like to speak on it real quick, as I use this one like crazy. W**** L**** (RIP) used to carry true cypress abs, and it was the finest example of it on the planet. Now, only L***a carries it, and it's good, but not the stunning material once available. This by-abs from Eden is the closest available material I've encountered to the beautiful cypress absolute once sold by W**** L****. I was initially apprehensive, having never used cypress by-abs/bio-abs, but I am incredibly pleased with this one, and, if need be, I can generally substitute it in place of cypress abs 1:1. The by-abs is a bit more malleable and less tacky than the normal absolute, and is more willing to quickly dissolve in ethanol, with minimal manipulation and no heat needed. The aroma is basically just as lush, jammy, and coniferous as you'd expect a cypress absolute to be, with the greatest difference (to my nose), being that it's ever-so-slightly less sharp and green. Cypress abs can sometimes exhibit this subtle stinky amber facet, or a bit of a vegetal foliage note, and I find both subdued here, compared to the one remaining commercially available cypress absolute. In formula, it may be slightly less tenacious than the typical abs, but not by much, and I find it does (mostly) everything I want from a good cypress absolute. If traditional cypress absolute eventually dries up, and this is all that remains, it will be a (fairly) easy loss to get over. For anyone unfamiliar with cypress absolute, this is NOT like cypress EO. At all. Same tree, same "needles", wildly different aroma. Nothing sharp or pitchy here, and the "green" character is much more in-line with the likes of pine (especially), balsam fir, and spruce absolutes. S Almost candy-sweet, coniferous, foresty, woody, and warm. More towards that "Christmas tree" profile, and not remotely terpenic. This material is truly invaluable for conifer lovers, or anyone looking to construct authentic forest or winter festive themes. I'm very thankful of Eden for offering this alternative to the now-elusive cypress absolute. Priced well, high quality, and the added bonus of being easier to work with, while essentially acting as cypress absolute. One of my favourites, and my go-to backup when I want to stretch out my primo grade cypress abs, or just reach for something *slightly* less green than my inferior abs. Ranks slightly below my "WL" cypress, and slightly above my "Lvnar" cypress. Please keep this in stock, Edenfolk <3

Review by Havenhollow 5/28/2023

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