Cucumber Hydrosol - Organic

Cucumis sativus L.


Our unusual and unique organic Cucumber Hydrosol has a very fresh garden herbal/vegetal scent with a slightly bitter green undertone. Cucumber Hydrosol is highly beneficial to have in one’s arsenal of nature-derived preparations for promoting healthy-looking skin.


Selected size SKU:1550-8 - Cucumber Hydrosol - Organic 1 oz (glass w/sprayer)

8 ml ( 0.27 oz )
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118.29 ml ( 4 oz )
236.58 ml ( 8 oz )
473.17 ml ( 16 oz )
946.35 ml ( 32 oz )
1.9 L ( 1/2 gallon )
3.8 L ( 1 gallon )
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Product Overview

Cucumbers are said to contain erepsin, an enzyme reported to have skin-softening properties.[1] Additionally, the EU Inventory of Cosmetic Ingredients (CosIng) and INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) classify the water of cucumber fruit as "skin conditioning" – in other words, it maintains the skin in good condition.[2]

Our hydrosols are distilled using fresh plant material that not only allows capture of all the volatiles, but most importantly, the cellular water from the living plant. It is this cellular water, imbued with nourishing minerals and fatty acids, that make it dynamic and vibrant compared to using dried out material with a resulting loss of those important skin-refreshing and aromatic molecules.[3] Aromatic hydrosols contain the water-soluble active principles of the plant. They retain a tiny amount of essential oil compounds (about 0.2 grams/liter) – mostly the gentler, more hydrophilic aromatic esters and alcohols – and are subsequently unlikely to cause skin irritation.[4]

The gentleness of hydrosols is ideally suited in the delivery of their attributes for children, the elderly, and those with pronounced sensitivities. They are also a profound and delightful way to experience and appreciate the life force – with all its potentiality for wholeness – found in the aromatic waters of the plants.

PLEASE NOTE: The hydrosols we offer are specifically distilled for the hydrosol, not as a co-product or even a by-product. The plant's cellular water and many components – normally lost under pressurized short steam runs for essential oil, or by using dried material – are what the producers specifically distill for by using only fresh plant material right from their farm or from local farms to ensure that the plant material is as fresh as possible.[5]

1 Traven, Beatrice. The Complete Book of Natural Cosmetics, 1974.


3 Industry communication.

4 Lavabre, Marcel. Aromatherapy Workbook (revised edition), 1997, p. 26.

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5 Reviews


Customer Reviews

True to nature


The cucumber hydrosol works well in facial masks and body care products. The smell is a bit weird but not offputting imo.

Review by COREY 10/30/2020

Smells like cucumber


It smells exactly like described.

Review by Lisa 4/7/2018

My New Favorite


I've been using Rose Water as my go to hydrosol to refresh my skin throughout the day. This just took its place. My skin is super reactive to everything. This is the only thing I've ever put on my face that doesn't make it react when first applied. It's a great refresher for my oily skin throughout the day and my new favorite skincare item!

Review by Jenna Lee 4/21/2017

smells exactly like a cucumber


From the first spray it smelled only like a cucumber! It amazes me how they got such a fresh unique smell into that bottle!

Review by newbee 9/26/2016

not the smell I was expecting


This does not smell like cucumber! And I am not real thrilled with the smell but it does go on nicely. I applied to sunburn, so now to just wait and see how well it works.

Review by chrissycew 5/27/2015

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