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Oakmoss Absolute


  • Botanical Name: Evernia prunastri
  • Origin: France
  • Process: Solvent Extracted Absolute
  • Plant Part: Lichen
  • Cultivation: Wild Grown
  • Use: Natural Perfumery, Low Atranol (IFRA compliant)
  • Note: Base Note
  • Aroma: Earthy-rich notes of moss, with slight undertones of wood and pine with excellent tenacity. Reminiscent of a walk in an old forest.
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • MSDS

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  1. Oakmoss Absolute Tiny Sample (6 drops) 675-2
  2. Oakmoss Absolute 1/16 oz 675-4


  3. Oakmoss Absolute 1/8 oz 675-5


  4. Oakmoss Absolute 1/4 oz 675-6
  5. Oakmoss Absolute 1/2 oz 675-7


  6. Oakmoss Absolute 1 oz 675-8


  7. Oakmoss Absolute 2 oz 675-9


  8. Oakmoss Absolute 4 oz 675-10


  9. Oakmoss Absolute 8 oz 675-11



Oakmoss Absolute - IFRA Compliant

Oakmoss Absolute is an invaluable addition to the natural perfumer's palette. While most Oakmoss Absolutes contain potential allergens and are not recommended for use by international associations, our Oakmoss Absolute is approved for use in perfumery by IFRA. It is extracted in France and is low in atranol so that it may be safely used in your natural perfumes or your base accords.

In addition to being safe to use in low concentrations, our Oakmoss Absolute has a remarkable aroma. Highly recommended.

Physical Appearance: A thick resin-like consistency that is solid at room temperature and requires special use instructions to blend.

Blending Suggestions: A maximum dermal use level of 0.1% Oakmoss Absolute is recommended by Robert Tisserand in Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition.

Safety Considerations: Avoid use with small children, elders, epileptics, pregnant and/or nursing women.

Oakmoss - Evernia prunastri

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  • Oakmoss - Evernia prunastri

Customer Reviews for Oakmoss Absolute

Sexy, Masculine - Swoon Review by Toi Lynn
This is a masculine sexiness in a bottle. Earthy, rich, sensual. Using it in my masculine blends (not much more than this needed), and it is absolutely divine. Nothing else smells like it. My favorite from Eden Botanicals (and I have almost all of them). (Posted on 11/17/14)
Love this oak moss! Review by Amber
Love this scent! Made my husband deodorant with this, vetiver, and a few others and it smells divine!
Johnathan, you must have gotten a bad batch or something! This is the BEST I have found and I have tried many companies! (Posted on 7/31/14)
"IRFA Compliant" kills another one. Review by Johnathan
I spent months and several thousand dollars formulating a unique signature scent for myself, and when I was finished I ended up with something awesome. So good that I was literally dragged to market by those who smelled it. I bought this to make a large batch for that purpose, and found that the batch end result was garbage, smelling nothing like intended. It took me several days of reverse engineering to determine what went wrong. It's this oakmoss, which is "IRFA compliant". It makes the end result smell just as bland and boring as synthetic oakmoss from the very same companies that make up the IRFA. I am very disappointed, and this has been a costly lesson. To the nose, it smells very similar to what I used to formulate the cologne (natural REAL oakmoss absolute), but it's not. Beware, unless you have formulated with this or have tested it in your formula. That atranol they remove to make it "IRFA compliant" makes a big difference. (Posted on 6/3/14)
the best earthy oil ever Review by Michael
I am a fan of earthy/ green type scents....this thick paste oil has the essence of earth with all its dark nourishing aspects. I'd recommend it to any fan of the earth family of fragrances......10 stars
(Posted on 4/2/13)
Earthy! Review by CU
Oakmoss is the most earthly smelling thing on earth except earth itself..great for connecting to the inner self :) (Posted on 3/26/13)
Very concentrated absolute Review by Chris
This absolute has the consistency of a very sticky paste. I have to use a needle to transfer it into my blends and it takes a few hours for it to dissolve into the solution at room temperature. I really like the smokey oak smell. (Posted on 2/16/13)
amazing!! Review by cat
this scent is amazing!!!!! (Posted on 2/14/13)
Was gifted this scent, and it is now a base to 2 of my fairy themed body sprays. Review by Pwny
I received this as a gift from a friend, who captured my personality in a scent perfectly. I adore the smell of deep mossy green. Goes well in a body wash, or body spray. My fiancee likes this with a bit of lemongrass! (Posted on 2/14/13)