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Carnation Absolute


  • Botanical Name: Dianthus caryophyllus
  • Origin: Egypt
  • Process: Solvent Extracted Absolute
  • Plant Part: Flowers
  • Cultivation: Cultivated
  • Use: Natural Perfumery
  • Note: Middle note
  • Aroma: Spicy, floral with strong green notes
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • MSDS

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  1. Carnation Absolute Tiny Sample (6 drops) 155-2
  2. Carnation Absolute 1/16 oz 155-4
  3. Carnation Absolute 1/8 oz 155-5
  4. Carnation Absolute 1/4 oz 155-6
  5. Carnation Absolute 1/2 oz 155-7
  6. Carnation Absolute 1 oz 155-8
  7. Carnation Absolute 2 oz 155-9
  8. Carnation Absolute 4 oz 155-10
  9. Carnation Absolute 8 oz 155-11



Carnation Absolute

Our Carnation Absolute is a precious perfumery ingredient that will delight with its rich, floral and spicy aroma. The carnation plants used for this absolute are certifed organically grown, however the resulting Carnation Absolute is not certified organic.

Physical Appearance: Viscous green/brown substance. Semi-solid at room temperature and may require special use instructions to blend.

Carnation - Dianthus caryophyllus

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  • Carnation - Dianthus caryophyllus

Customer Reviews for Carnation Absolute

Green changling Review by Cheryl
I ordered a small sample of this to test. I get where the last reviewer is coming from. This opens up a bit fulsome and tinged with chemicals (not that is necessarily, but the nose's perception of it could be that). I still proceed with it as I'm curious about how it performs on skin and with time.
I would say its dominant character is herbaceous. No potpourri or cloves as you might receive in a carnation soap. It settles down quickly to warm middle note of green carnation petal tips. The sense I get is that of the crushed tips of petals. I think it could be very intriguing as a player in the mid-notes of a blend. (Posted on 7/31/14)
What went wrong? Review by SailingSouth
Given the previous reviews, the sample I received must have come from a bad batch because there is absolutely no scent of carnation in it. There is a very slight hint of the vanilla someone else mentioned, but predominantly there is a very unpleasant chemical smell.

Notes from the oil room at EB: Carnation Absolute will never smell like the fresh flowers. It is often adulterated with Clove or Cinnamon to impart the spicy note that people expect. True Carnation Absolute is very green, herbaceous with a warm honey note. It is customary to dilute highly concentrated absolutes in alcohol or a carrier oil in order to fully perceive the fragrance, which then opens up beautifully and has a delicate aroma upon dry down. - JMF (Posted on 12/8/13)
Floral, green, vanilla like Review by BShea
Although it is often described as spicy and clove like, what I have smells more vanilla like than clove like. It is a green(in color as well as scent), powdery, floral at first but dries down to a vanilla/balsamic floral. A note not often used in modern natural perfumery, I use it quite a bit. Blends with so many different things. I recommend this as part of a perfumers pallette. (Posted on 7/3/13)
I love this oil! Review by Kyara
The actual carnation flower smells like cloves as it is often described, but to me, the absolute is more about the fresh green note at the top. This one has a beautiful green note against a spicy sweetness. Carnation Absolute is one of my favorites to brighten up a scent. (Posted on 2/14/13)