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Ginger Lily CO2


  • Botanical Name: Hedychium spicatum
  • Origin: India
  • Process: CO2 Select Extract
  • Plant Part: Rhizome
  • Cultivation: Cultivated
  • Use: Natural Perfumery
  • Note: Middle / Top Note
  • Aroma: Warm, woody, with slight spicy and sour note
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • MSDS

Product Name SKU Price Qty
  1. Ginger Lily CO2 Sample (20-30 drops) 395-3
  2. Ginger Lily CO2 1/16 oz 395-4
  3. Ginger Lily CO2 1/8 oz 395-5
  4. Ginger Lily CO2 1/4 oz 395-6
  5. Ginger Lily CO2 1/2 oz 395-7
  6. Ginger Lily CO2 1 oz 395-8
  7. Ginger Lily CO2 2 oz 395-9
  8. Ginger Lily CO2 4 oz 395-10
  9. Ginger Lily CO2 8 oz 395-11
  10. Ginger Lily CO2 16 oz 395-12


Ginger Lily CO2 Select Extract

Ginger Lily CO2 is a specialty oil with a fresh and diffusive woody-spicy odor and hints of cinnamon. It is useful for the natural perfumer looking for uncommon aromas for blending.

Aromatherapy Uses: Found to help to ease headaches and signs of depression.

Blending Suggestions: This extract is soluble in fixed oils only. It is only partially soluble in alcohol or alcohol based perfumes.

Ginger Lily CO2

Customer Reviews for Ginger Lily CO2

From the Oils Room Review by Eden Botanicals
Thank you for your review Florence! And yes, the crystallization of the Ginger Lily CO2 is completely normal. This oil requires gentle heating to completely liquify and incorporate into your blends. We're so glad you like it! (Posted on 9/10/14)
Unusual Review by Florence
This was not at all what I was expecting. Like the previous reviewer, I was expecting something "rooty". Instead I was hit with a melon top note! I hope I received the right item because I absolutely love that note! The melon sensation quickly fades and then I pick up a sweet floral note. As it dries down the spicy and woody notes begin to come through. I tested on a scent strip and on skin (the melon note lasted a touch longer on the strip). Again, like the previous reviewer, I did start to pick up a powdery note as it dried. It is a beautiful and complex scent. Note: the oil was partially crystallized . . . is that normal for this item? (Posted on 9/8/14)
Delicious! Review by RitaMeterMaid
This is a wonderful aroma! Since its extracted from the Rhizomes, I was expecting something more rooty and earthy, which it has qualities of, but at first sniff, I picked up the deeper aspects of the plants floral notes rounded out by a rich, sweet, ambery, labdanum-like quality with very smooth, creamy edges - creamy the way ylang can be. The spice is exquisite, very gentle and complex, continuing to unfold and become a bit powdery as it dries down. A wonderful discovery, and a great price as well. (Posted on 5/10/14)