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Lotus Absolute, Pink


  • Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera
  • Origin: India
  • Process: Solvent Extracted Absolute
  • Plant Part: Flowers
  • Cultivation: Cultivated
  • Use: Natural Perfumery
  • Note: Middle Note
  • Aroma: A honeyed, soft, very intense floral, earthy and quite sweet, with ripe-fruit and coumarin-like undertones, a tenacious, deep richness, and a rather penetrating spicy green top note.
  • Contraindications: Dilute prior to use.
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • MSDS

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  1. Lotus Absolute, Pink Tiny Sample (6 drops) 574-2
  2. Lotus Absolute, Pink 1/16 oz 574-4
  3. Lotus Absolute, Pink 1/8 oz 574-5
  4. Lotus Absolute, Pink 1/4 oz 574-6
  5. Lotus Absolute, Pink 1/2 oz 574-7
  6. Lotus Absolute, Pink 1 oz 574-8
  7. Lotus Absolute, Pink 2 oz 574-9


Pink Lotus Absolute

Our superb Pink Lotus Absolute is a beautiful addition to fine natural perfumes and anointing oils. It is similar to our White Lotus Absolute, yet softer, slightly sweeter, and a bit more refined. Even when highly diluted, the fragrance of Pink Lotus Absolute holds its fragrance. Lotus, the flower on which the Buddha sits, soars to the heavens, untainted by the watery mud in which it is rooted, releasing its delightful fragrance to the air.

The pale pink flowers of Lotus, cultivated since the beginning of time, were copied to form the headdress for the sphinxes, emblems of the generative power of the ancient Egyptians1 who regarded lotus as a sacred flower and chose it as the symbol of Upper Egypt. This particular species of lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, was introduced to Egypt from Persia2 and is now cultivated in India and throughout the world in tropical pools.3

Used in Ayurvedic practice, the lotus is considered sacred by the Hindus for its exquisite perfume and its ability to beckon the mind into stillness, clarity, and devotion.4 And more significantly, Lotus is a symbol of enlightenment, its beauty considered a medicine for the soul.5 A mystical, magical ingredient indeed is Lotus in the creation of the finest anointing oils and sacred perfumes.

Aromatic Profile: A honeyed, soft, very intense floral, earthy and quite sweet, with ripe-fruit and coumarin-like undertones, a tenacious, deep richness, and a rather penetrating spicy green top note. A beautiful addition to fine perfumes and anointing oils.

Appearance: Viscous, very dark, brownish orange-red, transparent liquid with a molasses-like consistency that may require special use instructions to blend.

Use: Natural perfumery, meditative and devotional practices.

Blending Suggestions: Add drop by drop to your perfume blends until the desired effect is achieved.

Blends Well With: Ambrette, Amyris, Black Pepper, Cognac, Clove, Galbanum, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lime, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Spikenard, Vanilla. We also recommend blending this with our White Lotus Absolute to create a unique, complex lotus accord.

Safety Considerations: Dilute before using. A patch test should be performed before use for those with sensitive skin.

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5 Patnaik, Naveen. The Garden of Life – An Introduction to the Healing Plants of India, 1993, p. 23.



Lotus Absolute, Pink

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Customer Reviews for Lotus Absolute, Pink

Mysterious Review by sarah
Lovely oil. Beautiful quality. I cannot wait to furthur explore the depths of this aroma. Floral yet herbaceous. Green yet woodsy. Sweet and sharp. Amazing. (Posted on 10/10/14)
Favorite flower oil Review by tussah
I love this flower oil! It's so beautiful...never cloying. Pricey but well worth it for making a lovely perfume. (Posted on 8/1/13)
Unsure Review by L2013
Bought the tiny sample of this and haven't used it yet. I'm unsure how to blend it because the smell is so distinct. For some reason the initial whiff makes me think of raw pepitas and then there is a slight medicinal quality to it. (Posted on 4/30/13)
Pleasure in a bottle! Review by Henrik Lestréus
Extraordinary dept. Top, heart and base notes in one complex flower. Floral, of course, but also fruity, watery, crisp, green and musky. This material is of very high quality. Top quality! When buying exclusive costly essential oils and absolutes one must choose wisely. Eden Botanicals Pink Lotus is pure and authentic and it gives you full value for every dollar spent. (Posted on 4/29/13)