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Organic Essential Oils

Organic essential oils are a specialty here at Eden Botanicals. We continue to stock more and more organic aromatherapy essential oils – nearly 60 currently – and offer them at wholesale pricing. And as the demand for high quality, certified organic oils increases, we will keep adding more organic oils to our stocks. We are finding that the artisan distillers, as well as larger distilleries of organic essential oils for the aromatherapy market continue to increase the types of organic oils being produced. With the increase in production, we have also noticed that the quality of the organically grown essential oils is on the rise as the new distilleries become more experience in the art and science of distilling essential oils.

Please click here to go directly to our full list of organic aromatherapy essential oils. And, we also might as well mention that we also carry organic carrier oils such as Jojoba oil and high-oleic acid Sunflower oil – perfect for blending organic essential oil in. Please click here to view our organic carrier oils.

In this article we would like to give information about organic essential oils and also dispel some of the myths perpetuated on the internet surrounding organic vs. non-organic oils. So, what is an organic essential oil? Just like food – essential oils are agricultural products and the rules as to what constitutes an organic agricultural product are made and regulated by governmental agencies such as the Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the USA. This program is called the national organic program (NOP). In Europe, Japan, Australia and elsewhere the programs are similar in that third party certifying agencies make sure that each organic farm (and processing or handling facility) meets the government regulation. The actual farm and facilities are certified (rather than the product itself), but the products that are grown and processed at certified facilities are what we know as certified organic products (in this case essential oils).

We would also like to tell you about one of the myths surrounding “organic” essential oils found at numerous essential oil web sites. Just like food products, an essential oil is either certified organic or it is not (although the national organic program allows for either 100% organic or 95% or more organic). If the product is not certified - it is not organic (according to the government). And what this really means is that you cannot sell products as organic unless they are certified organic. This does not mean that you cannot grow crops organically unless they are certified. It simply means for it to be truly organic and sold as such it has to be certified according to the various rules in each country.

Another myth is that an organic essential oil is better than a non-organic essential oil of the same species. What makes and essential oil better (in aroma or for aromatherapy use) than another is not how the plant material was grown (although this certainly plays a big part). What makes a great essential oil is the sum of many factors such as the seeds or cuttings used to start the plants, the growing methods, harvesting methods, distillation process, and after care (post-distillation). (For a detailed discussion of this please click here – therapeutic grade aromatherapy essential oils.) So, while an essential oil may be certified organically grown, it may have been distilled poorly, or not cared for prior to distilling or after distilling. In fact, we have sampled many certified organic essential oils that were of a lower quality that corresponding oils that were grown conventionally. Fortunately we are experiencing fewer organic oils of low quality and far more superior quality organic essential oils. We believe this to be due to new organic farmers gaining experience and new distillers who start out distilling organic crops gain experience.

There are a couple of reasons one my wish to purchase organic essential oils. The first is that you may want to support organic agriculture, organic farmers and sustainable practices. This is a main reason that we carry and use organic essential oils. The less pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers used on our planet the better life will be for humanity and the natural environment. Another reason to purchase and use organic essential oils is because you are making aromatherapy, body care or perfumery products and would like to either say your product is organic or you would like to label it and have it certified as organic.

Whatever your reason is for using organic essential oils we hope that you will continue to learn about essential oils and use them in safe and responsible way. We also hope that you enjoy browsing our web site and learning more about aromatherapy, natural perfumery and organic essential oils.