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Frankincense, Oman - Rare

Product Name SKU Price Qty
  1. Frankincense, Oman - Rare Tiny Sample (6 Drops) 336-2
  2. Frankincense, Oman - Rare 1/16 oz 336-4
  3. Frankincense, Oman - Rare 1/8 oz 336-5
  4. Frankincense, Oman - Rare 1/4 oz 336-6
  5. Frankincense, Oman - Rare 1/2 oz 336-7
  6. Frankincense, Oman - Rare 1 oz 336-8
  7. Frankincense, Oman - Rare 2 oz 336-9

Customer Reviews for Frankincense, Oman - Rare

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tea in the sahara Review by Cheryl
I ordered the tiny sample, but I wish I had ordered more. This is both crystalline and deep, a warm blue fire. I find frankincense to contain lemony-sap notes. This projects nicely is is a rich smooth sap-y scent that is utterly appealing on its own. I imagine it would blend beautifully with almost anything.
(Posted on 8/3/14)
Oman Frankincense Review by B
Having smelled a couple of different types of frankincense, i find most others to be a lot sweeter and lighter, Boswell sacra in particular has an almost "anise" sweetness somewhere in the equation, which i find very unappealing.

When i first ordered a sample of this (5-6 drops) the SECOND i took a sniff i Knew INSTANTLY i HAD to have MORE. no doubt. If you're looking for a real treasure This one is for you.
(Posted on 12/21/13)
WOW!! Review by miketambo
Just ordered a sample to try it, and see why it's more expensive. Just incredible. Deep and full-bodied as described. This is a high quality oil that you must sample. (Posted on 3/5/13)

3 Item(s)

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