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Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian

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  1. Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian Tiny Sample (6 drops) 909-2
  2. Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian 1/16 oz 909-4
  3. Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian 1/8 oz 909-5
  4. Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian 1/4 oz 909-6
  5. Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian 1/2 oz 909-7
  6. Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian 1 oz 909-8
  7. Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian 2 oz 909-9
  8. Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian 4 oz 909-10
  9. Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian 8 oz 909-11

Customer Reviews for Sandalwood - Royal Hawaiian

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Gorgeous Review by Bab
Wow, this is the most beautiful sandalwood to use with floral blends, giving them a lushness and deepness that isn't heavy. Just amazing longevity as well. (Posted on 4/26/13)
A Wonderful Sandalwood Review by Cheryl
My favorite of all the Sandalwoods that I have tried. There is a depth that outshines even the Australian Sandalwood that I like as well. I made a solid perfume using this Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and other essential oils and it is amazing. Will buy a larger size as I know I will make this oil a staple for me. (Posted on 3/7/13)
Excellent Sandalwood in its own right!! Review by Brady
This is a very interesting Sandalwood. To me it has all of the same base notes as Santalum Album, yet the top notes are a bit more fruity in this variety. As another reviewer stated the top note scent holds for a lot longer than a lot of Album varieties and it definitely has a place in my collection. Personally I still like the Album variety better for my own spiritual reasons but this is amazing and I feel privileged to have experienced it. (Posted on 2/20/13)
Oh, yeah.... Review by BShea
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood; When I heard Eden had this I just had to get me a sample! I had heard that there were sandalwood trees in Hawaii and I was always so intrigued; "How does it smell?". Well it smells like the classic Indian Mysore Sandalwood, but better! Deeper, richer, stronger, more diffusive. I LOVE it!(and I love Sandalwood). And it lasts a really long time. Another WOW! I have to get some. (Posted on 2/14/13)
Their Forest Review by Miss Placed Hawaiian
I had the honor to be able to tour their forest, and they blew me away with what they are doing. They are trying to recreate a Native Hawaiian Forest. They are trying to prove that if you replant the ancient forests you will not only be more sustainable but profitable!!! Using what they have built as a model to help sustain Hawaii's future. Amazing stuff!!!! ON top of all of that the oils are world class. A very high end luxury sandalwood oil. All of the efforts put into the forest exude in the heart of the woods oil. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is the future of the sandalwood market. (Posted on 8/17/12)

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