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Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10%

Product Name SKU Price Qty
  1. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% Sample (20-30 drops) 326-3
  2. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% 1/4 oz 326-6
  3. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% 1/2 oz 326-7
  4. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% 1 oz 326-8
  5. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% 2 oz 326-9
  6. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% 4 oz 326-10
  7. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% 8 oz 326-11
  8. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% 16 oz 326-12
  9. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% 32 oz 326-13
  10. Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10% 1 kg 326-25

Customer Reviews for Fir, Balsam Absolute - 10%

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Fir Balsam diluted Review by Rocky Mountains
This oil smells heavenly. It is strong enough to use the diluted in my blending and is the perfect aroma for my masculine line, although the aroma is perfect for any gender. Love this oil! (Posted on 9/10/14)
JOY Review by Florence
I absolutely love this absolute. The dilution is quite strong and can be diluted even more if need be. The scent is so joyful and every time I open the bottle, I breathe deeply. It's sweet, green, fresh and coniferous. I find it can lend a special touch to not only forest or green blends, but floral and gourmand types as well. (Posted on 9/2/14)
LOVE!! Review by Flo
I love the scent of this absolute. As the pure absolute is thick and waxy, the dilution is so much easier to use. And the scent . . . I could bathe in it! Sweet, jammy, green, fresh, coniferous. I LOVE this stuff. (Posted on 8/29/14)
A very soothing, grounding oil, and very beautiful Review by bergamotpinenut
This fir balsam is an incredible oil. I find it extremely comforting. It reaches deep into your heart and tells you everything will be okay. I have purchased both the solid absolute and the 10% and I do prefer the undiluted material because I like to use it at a slightly greater than 10% concentration. Although the prediluted oils are a great value, I find they are sometimes inconsistent. I’ve received samples, for example of the dilution, that are much more concentrated than the diluted oils I have subsequently purchased. But the 10% dilution is still very beautiful, and this particular absolute has to be greatly heated to dilute, so you have to be prepared to put the effort in if you want to dilute it on your own. This is one of the most beautiful oils I have ever smelled and I would not be without it. I especially recommend it for support in dealing with grief. It is great for blending as well. (Posted on 8/29/14)

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