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Black Currant Bud Absolute

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  1. Black Currant Bud Absolute Tiny Sample (6 drops) 133-2
  2. Black Currant Bud Absolute 1/16 oz 133-4
  3. Black Currant Bud Absolute 1/8 oz 133-5
  4. Black Currant Bud Absolute 1/4 oz 133-6
  5. Black Currant Bud Absolute 1/2 oz 133-7
  6. Black Currant Bud Absolute 1 oz 133-8

Customer Reviews for Black Currant Bud Absolute

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Challenging, but fruity in the end. Review by BShea
For years I heard about black currant bud absolute and how 'fruity' it was. And looking for natural sources of fruity aromas I had to try it. Well I got me a sample. I hated it! It smelled like a mixture of cat pee and caraway. Yuck! I was so disappointed. It didn't smell fruity to me at all, and I couldn't understand why or how anyone could ever use it. So I put the sample away for a while. Eventually, I decided I was going to try my hand at my own version of a perfume that had black currant bud as a note. It was blended with other sweet essences like rose,amber, and ylang ylang and as I played around with BCBA and other sweet essences, using it diluted and diffused I really came to appreciate its unique aroma and the effects it has on blends, and yes, I did get the 'fruityness' eventually. In dilution it reminds me of grapeskins and guavas, and other tropical fruits. Try it with Eden's orange essence oil and perhaps a touch of ylang ylang and/or jasmine to create a wonderful passionfruit accord. It is key in creating all kinds of tropical fruit notes, and in this light it goes really well with the previously mentioned ylang yland and jasmine, but also with champaca(both yellow and white), frangipani, coconut(I use both an absolute and tinctures that I made), massoia,vanilla,and all kinds of citruses. It also goes really well with rose, geranium, cognac, and labdanum/amber. (Posted on 7/3/13)
Different. Review by Brockton
I get a powerful ozonic note off the top from the undiluted form - certainly not what I was expecting. Underneath lies the unmistakable smell of black currant, true to life. You could blend for years and never reach a note like this. (Posted on 6/27/13)
Not at all what I expected Review by Judith
Honestly smells like cat urine to me. I ordered a tiny sample to try. I can't stand it straight out of the tiny bottle. I put some on a scent strip, and tried wafting it, it was barely tolerable. Mixed with some other very sweet EOs (davana, tuberose for starters) it added a deep note that I can see being "unique". (Posted on 6/14/13)
Very soft fruit aroma Review by SL
reminds me of crushed raspberries. It is one of my favorite fruit essential oils to use in my blends.
(Posted on 2/22/13)
Dark red wine Review by Del
This one is very rich and deep. It has a tangy wine aroma that is also dry and earthy, but not so much as something like vetiver. It doesn't smell alcoholic, but it is very much like dark red wine. (Posted on 2/18/13)

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