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St. John's Wort CO2

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  1. St. John's Wort CO2 Tiny Sample (6 drops) 938-2
  2. St. John's Wort CO2 1/16 oz 938-4
  3. St. John's Wort CO2 1/8 oz 938-5
  4. St. John's Wort CO2 1/4 oz 938-6
  5. St. John's Wort CO2 1/2 oz 938-7
  6. St. John's Wort CO2 1 oz 938-8
  7. St. John's Wort CO2 2 oz 938-9
  8. St. John's Wort CO2 4 oz 938-10

Customer Reviews for St. John's Wort CO2

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Potent Mood Lifting Potential Review by Rock
I've tried some St. John's Wort CO2 from Eden Bbotanicals in conjunction with Kava Kava, and found it to synergistically lift a person's mood quite well. Other than being a Maoi inhibitor, the St. John's Wort sold by Eden Botanicals works as an effective anti-depressant for me. (Posted on 9/1/14)
Great for skin healing, lovely earthy scent Review by bergamotpinenut
I was not sure what to make of this one when I first purchased as sample, but I have to say I really love it, and I did end up ordering a bottle. In spite of the fact that Eden describes it as primarily medicinal, there is something about the scent that has really grown on me to the extent that sometimes I crave it. I have to say I did not find it effective for pain relief, as I do St. John’s wort steam distilled essential oil, but the CO2 is truly excellent for skin healing. I tend to blend it with helichrysum and a few other things, usually calendula co2 and german chamomile co2, but I’ve noticed that even if I just put a few drops of this (I have it prediluted) on a cut or any sort of damaged skin, it seems to heal much more quickly than if I applied nothing. It is a bit hard to predilute. I had better luck with FCO and with a blend of FCO and jojoba than with jojoba alone. Beware of potential for phototoxicity if you use it on skin that will be exposed to the sun. I have never had a reaction, but I usually don’t apply it to exposed skin in the daytime, just in case. I bought a ¼ ounce and it has gone a long way. It is effective even highly diluted. I would describe the scent as an earthy scent but not at all dirty just gentle pretty and deep. (Posted on 8/29/14)
Subtle but Excellent Review by Alphaamino
I picked up a sample of both St John's Wort and Calendula to use in a midsummer themed oil blend (both plants are traditionally picked on the first day of summer). The sweet earthiness of the wort CO2 definitely added a pleasant undertone. Brownish red, quite waxy, and similar to a vanilla CO2 in thickness, I used a toothpick to measure things out before blending (surprisingly easily) in almond oil. I recommend this for anyone wishing to add a slightly bittersweet garden note, or play around with its potential antidepressant and healing properties. (Posted on 8/29/14)

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