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Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia

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  1. Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia Sample (20-30 drops) 907-3
  2. Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia 1/8 oz 907-5
  3. Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia 1/4 oz 907-6
  4. Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia 1/2 oz 907-7
  5. Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia 1 oz 907-8
  6. Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia 2 oz 907-9
  7. Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia 4 oz 907-10
  8. Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia 8 oz 907-11
  9. Sandalwood Absolute, New Caledonia 16 oz 907-12

Customer Reviews

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Don't miss this. Review by Matt
I've went through ounce after ounce of this absolute over the last few months. It's truly incredible. It has a very traditional sandalwood scent, but with an added dimension that makes it sweeter and so much more aromatic. The description speaks of "maple syrup-like notes", but I don't get maple from this, although I can see where the comparison might be made. It's sweetness has a depth that regular sandalwood just doesn't posses. For the price this is, by far, the best deal on sandalwood you'll find. Unmistakeable quality and beauty. (Posted on 2/18/14)
Love, Love, Love! Review by Florence
I am extremely pleased that this NC absolute came back in stock. Describing this oil as having a maple syrup note is so precise. It is so nice to have a natural that provides a sweet, sugary, gourmand note such as this. I've never been a big sandalwood fan . . . but this (along with a Vanuatu oil I have) has changed my mind. (Posted on 12/18/13)
sweet and wonderful Review by lisa
I put this on by itself the othe day and my husband would not leave me alone. He insisted it was the best perfume ever. it is a cedar-y smell but so complex. It is smoky sweet, vanilla like and has an indescribable sweetness. It is beguiling and seductive. My new signature fragrance. (Posted on 5/23/13)
Smooth and similar to Indian Sandalwood Review by jesnco
I've tried a couple versions of Sandalwood from Eden Botanicals and while I was a huge fan of the Vanuatu Sandalwood, I notice they're not selling it anymore??? I was glad I also bought the New Caledonia version because it is a very nice alternative to the Indian Sandalwood. I will continue to purchase this variety although I might have to try that sample pack of theirs too! :-) (Posted on 3/19/13)
Yummy Review by Jennifer
This product smells delicious. It's warm, sweet and buttery and would make a great addition to natural perfume blends. (Posted on 3/16/13)

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