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Armoise (Mugwort)

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  1. Armoise (Mugwort) Sample (20-30 drops) 78-3
  2. Armoise (Mugwort) 1/8 oz 78-5
  3. Armoise (Mugwort) 1/4 oz 78-6
  4. Armoise (Mugwort) 1/2 oz 78-7
  5. Armoise (Mugwort) 1 oz 78-8
  6. Armoise (Mugwort) 2 oz 78-9
  7. Armoise (Mugwort) 4 oz 78-10
  8. Armoise (Mugwort) 8 oz 78-11

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Coniferous, Eucalyptus-like Review by BShea
Armoise (Mugwort); I thought this might be my least favorite of the bunch when I ordered it, but I wanted to give it a try (I'm not one for herbal notes usually) I was thinking about using it in lunar and clairvoyant blends and I was right; at first. My first impression was EUCALYPTUS! I hate Eucalyptus. But more and more I thought of Spruce or Fir needle oils. When it dried down it got fresh and green, but it was very fleeting overall. Definitely a top note. It has actually started to grow on me now that it reminds me more of conifers. (Posted on 2/27/13)

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