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Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5%

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  1. Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5% Sample (20-30 drops) 61-3
  2. Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5% 1/4 oz 61-6
  3. Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5% 1/2 oz 61-7
  4. Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5% 1 oz 61-8
  5. Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5% 2 oz 61-9
  6. Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5% 4 oz 61-10
  7. Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5% 8 oz 61-11
  8. Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5% 16 oz 61-12
  9. Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5% 1 kg 61-25

Customer Reviews for Amber Oil, Fossilized - 5%

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Highly recommend. Very relaxing! Review by Dy
I bought this oil because one of my favorite online soapers expressed a love for homemade amber perfume. I can't wait to make perfume but I have to say that when I opened the bottle, me, my sweetheart and my oldest son rubbed some on our skin topically. We all became so relaxed. I love the smell, texture and color. I think I will add it to some body butter. You can't put a price on calm nerves without side effects. (Posted on 11/6/14)
divine campfire Review by cheryl
I ordered a small sample to test and was expecting a typical sweet amber. This is much darker, drier and primal. The main elements are smoke and pine wood. I think the leather is in there, but in my experience, dry dry woods much more so. I love this kind a thing...smoky. There is a sweetness too, and it is beautiful and captivating on its own as a perfume. (Posted on 7/31/14)
Complexity and Beauty of Amber Oil Fossilized. Review by Scent By Alexis
I have been searching for a natural amber oil for ages, and it was not until I procured Eden's Amber Oil Fossilized that I finally stopped searching. This oil is so complex and rich. It has an amazing woodsy body wrapped in something slightly sweet. Its strong and viscous, and has great staying power. It is marvelous on its own, but blends beautifully with both vanilla and heady flowers. I strongly recommend this very special oil! (Posted on 2/27/13)
An accord in its own right. Review by AJ
The 5% blend of the Fossilized Amber is a great, affordable way to incorporate this wonderfully complex note into your designs. Woody, smokey, warm, and with a real sense of the age of the material, this dilution is much easier to use than the 100% Fossilized Amber, which is quite solid at room temperature. With all the beautiful complexity it yields, this oil is almost an accord in its own right.
(Posted on 2/19/13)
Better than any amber perfume Review by Sara08
This is it. If you've been looking for the perfect simple amber-y fragrance, just sample this. It's divine! (Posted on 2/16/13)

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