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Rose Essence Oil

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  1. Rose Essence Oil Sample (20-30 drops) 1085-3
  2. Rose Essence Oil 8.5 ml Perfume Bottle 1085-32
  3. Rose Essence Oil 1 oz 1085-8
  4. Rose Essence Oil 2 oz 1085-9
  5. Rose Essence Oil 4 oz 1085-10
  6. Rose Essence Oil 8 oz 1085-11
  7. Rose Essence Oil 16 oz 1085-12
  8. Rose Essence Oil 32 oz 1085-13

Customer Reviews for Rose Essence Oil

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I sampled the blend of Rose Oil and love it. I then tried it in my blends and love the well balanced aroma of various rose oils as well as other essential oils such as tuberose. We love the aroma and bouquet of this perfect blend! (Posted on 3/5/13)
AMAZING!! Review by Natural-ish-is
I have to start off by saying, I was VERY skeptical of getting this rose essence because I HATE things that smell like rose. It seemed like any lotions, perfumes etc. with a rose scent, smelled like BAD Bouquet of roses, almost like an OLD LADY smell. With that impression embedded in me for years,

i TOOK A CHANCE and it has been SO WORTH IT! This is one of the most AMAZING ROSE scents i have EVER SMELLED IN MY LIFE!!! I cannot overstate it because it's that wonderful.

IT has soft notes, with a delicate rose bush, rounded off with what I FEEL is the ultimate SENSUOUS, inner woman. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. (Posted on 2/16/13)

2 Item(s)

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