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Mystic Wind

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  1. Mystic Wind Sample (20-30 drops) 1075-3
  2. Mystic Wind 8.5 ml Perfume Bottle 1075-32
  3. Mystic Wind 1 oz 1075-8
  4. Mystic Wind 2 oz 1075-9
  5. Mystic Wind 4 oz 1075-10
  6. Mystic Wind 8 oz 1075-11
  7. Mystic Wind 16 oz 1075-12
  8. Mystic Wind 32 oz 1075-13

Customer Reviews for Mystic Wind

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love it!!!! Review by zannah
A sublimely floral, woodsy scent that whispers like the wind... Truly original and sensual... thank you for your creation!!! (Posted on 10/26/13)
....i dont know Review by Natural-ish-is
I ordered 2 samples of this product and I'm still not sure what to make of it. I don't like it personally but yet i don't dislike it. It has a VERY diverse blend of notes and i cant quite put my finger on why i keep smelling it, yet haven't grown to like it,,, perhaps it is JUST LIKE THE WIND, you feel it but you cant see it. I feel strongly towards this oil but i cant SEE why. Great NAME FOR THIS PRODUCT thats for sure. (Posted on 2/16/13)
wonderful! Review by amylee
This blend is so nice. It's different than I expected, definitely "woodsy" in appeal, but smoldering with amber and sandalwood. I love it. I can pick out distinct essential oils every time I sniff it and it stays with me for hours. (Posted on 2/15/13)
Deep woods in breaking winter! Review by Pwny
This oil blend took me back to exploring the mountains and small towns in colorado in early spring. It has a crispness that is entangled with a coniferous scent. So refreshing. I wore this often around christmas time and had many compliments on it! (Posted on 2/14/13)

4 Item(s)

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