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Yarrow, Blue

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  1. Yarrow, Blue Tiny Sample (6 drops) 1030-2
  2. Yarrow, Blue 1/16 oz 1030-4
  3. Yarrow, Blue 1/8 oz 1030-5
  4. Yarrow, Blue 1/4 oz 1030-6
  5. Yarrow, Blue 1/2 oz 1030-7
  6. Yarrow, Blue 1 oz 1030-8
  7. Yarrow, Blue 2 oz 1030-9
  8. Yarrow, Blue 4 oz 1030-10

Customer Reviews for Yarrow, Blue

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Strong herbal scent Review by Morgane
It is, indeed, very blue. A strong herbal fragrance, almost minty at first, also reminiscent of sage. Fresh, but also woody. It comes on strong, then quickly morphs to a more herbal/hay/wood fragrance after the first minty/sage whiff evaporates. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Like it! Review by Caine
I knew I would like this one. I was recently out in the woods and found wild white yarrow. Identifying it a month later by a sprig I'd brought home, I loved its spicy scent.

Blue yarrow here (ie: this oil) is a bit different. It's very clean, sharp, astringent-scented, and in your face. It's less 'green', in terms of scent- not very 'leafy'. It almost has a fresh-paper scent to it. And it sure is bluish in color, too!

Nonetheless, this strikes me as a very potent medicinal-usage oil. It would be wise to add it to your cart and try it out. (Posted on 10/25/12)

2 Item(s)

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