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Wintergreen - True

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  1. Wintergreen - True Sample (20-30 drops) 1025-3
  2. Wintergreen - True 1/4 oz 1025-6
  3. Wintergreen - True 1/2 oz 1025-7
  4. Wintergreen - True 1 oz 1025-8
  5. Wintergreen - True 2 oz 1025-9
  6. Wintergreen - True 4 oz 1025-10
  7. Wintergreen - True 8 oz 1025-11
  8. Wintergreen - True 16 oz 1025-12
  9. Wintergreen - True 1 kg 1025-25

Customer Reviews for Wintergreen - True

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Lovely scent of wintergreen, pretty pink oil... Review by bergamotpinenut
I am very glad that E.B. carries this oil. I understand that some companies consider this too powerful to sell, but if you know what you are dealing with, a sort of liquid aspirin, you can responsibly dilute it and use it safely as an effective pain reliever. You just have to make sure you don’t use it on a large area of the body or in a high concentration with great frequency. I personally love the scent and appreciate the pretty reddish color of the oil. I do find it can be irritating to skin, but I have extremely sensitive skin. Even with my sensitive skin I use it once in a while, just make sure I it is a minor component in my blends. I really wish I could slather it on as I love the smell of wintergreen but even with my restrictions it is still a useful and pleasant oil. (Posted on 8/29/14)

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