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Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic

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  1. Vetiver, Sri Lanka - ORG Sample (20-30 drops) 1010-3
  2. Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic 1/4 oz 1010-6
  3. Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic 1/2 oz 1010-7
  4. Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic 1 oz 1010-8
  5. Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic 2 oz 1010-9
  6. Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic 4 oz 1010-10
  7. Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic 8 oz 1010-11
  8. Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic 16 oz 1010-12
  9. Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic 1 kg 1010-25

Customer Reviews for Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic

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The only one! Review by Matt S
I have used this vetiver exclusively for more than a year now. I've put away my Hatian and Double Distilled...not especially worried whether I find them again. This oil has an aromatic quality unlike any vetiver I've ever smelled. Gone are the harsh inky edges of what you have come to expect, replaced with a smooth, almost sweet, smoky note. I have two half ounce bottles, caps loosely screwed on (as I was told would enhance aging) stashed away in my cupboard, destined for use a decade from now if I can wait. My greatest fear is that Eden might one day run dry of this stuff and I will be forced to go back to the stanky pretender oils that only share a name in common with this one. This is the primary base note in a fougere' that has come to be my most popular creation. The contrast it creates with oak moss, tonka and lavender is amazing. But forget you read don't want to buy this oil. Go check out the El Salvadoran, I hear it's very nice. Just leave this one for me. (Posted on 12/12/14)
Smoky campfire Review by Cheryl
I love most vetivers, so I am really enjoying the super-vetiver. Very strong on the rootiness, dark green earthiness, and smokiness. It rolls out like a big ocean (earth) wave and then mellows out to golden smoky haze. Love it! (Posted on 8/2/14)
Nice Vetiver! Review by Marcus
And I loves me some good green. Normally I get Ruh Khus, and not knowing the difference, ordered this. While not the attar, it is excellent, the next best thing to Ruh Khus IMO. I like using this in blends. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Nice! Review by SailingSouth
This vetiver reminds me oud oil, one of my favorite scents. It lacks the complexity of oud, but has that same smoky quality that reminds one of a campfire. I like it. (Posted on 12/8/13)
This Vetiver -just the best! Review by Teropage
My experience in oils is as an amateur, but I am a good nose person. I used a long time ago, Patchouli & Almiscar... and maybe Vetiver, I think. When I found Eden Botanicals, I decided to buy samples of Patchouli/Amber, Aphrodite's Love Oil, Cardamon, Mystic Wind and VETIVER... Wow, I just loved it. A drop on the neck and wrist after shower before going to bed, is just what you need to have a wonderful night of sleep & sweet dreams. Thank you so much, Eden Botanicals =) (Posted on 8/16/13)
ONE OF MY FAVE. Review by saad
I LOVE THIS Vetiver, Sri Lanka - Organic. It's woody smooky and sweet. It is strong at first but after a few minutes you wil love this vetiver very much. Trust me you will like it. (Posted on 5/7/13)
Very, very nice: rich, substantive, completely clean Review by Trenace
I much prefer this over all other vetivers I have tried. It's completely clean while having all the qualities I'm looking for. What I mean by "clean" is that it has absolutely no notes that I'd rather it didn't have, or would wish that it had less of. I don't have a finished formulation with it yet, but I've run it actually at 20% of perfume formulation with promising-seeming results, and certainly 10% of formulation seems entirely likely. Any other vetiver I don't ever seem to go past 5%. For a simple "perfume oil" (different category than perfume) even having it at two-thirds of the formulation was quite nice. I really like this. (Posted on 3/23/13)
Very Deep and tenacious! Review by Mich
As stated in the description, this organic vetiver from Sri Lanka is deep, earthy and tenacious, with a long lasting smokey, woodsy scent that will have strangers ask, "What ARE you wearing?"
Alone or paired with patchouli (or other favorites) you can go about your day without the need to apply more. This ages beautifully, growing more complex, viscous and dark with age, while the smokiness mellows into a background note. If you want to buy a scent that only gets better with age, this is it!
If you like vetiver be sure to buy a larger size to enjoy it as it matures! (Posted on 12/28/12)

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