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Vetiver, Haiti - Organic

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  1. Vetiver, Haiti - Organic Sample (20-30 drops) 1000-3
  2. Vetiver, Haiti - Organic 1/4 oz 1000-6
  3. Vetiver, Haiti - Organic 1/2 oz 1000-7
  4. Vetiver, Haiti - Organic 1 oz 1000-8
  5. Vetiver, Haiti - Organic 2 oz 1000-9
  6. Vetiver, Haiti - Organic 4 oz 1000-10
  7. Vetiver, Haiti - Organic 8 oz 1000-11
  8. Vetiver, Haiti - Organic 16 oz 1000-12
  9. Vetiver, Haiti - Organic 1 kg 1000-25

Customer Reviews for Vetiver, Haiti - Organic

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Beautiful Vetiver! Review by What Men Should Smell Like
This is a wonderful vetiver. So smooth and green. Less smoky than other varieties, perfect for creating luxurious men's vetiver fragrances. (Posted on 3/22/13)
Amazing Vetiver Review by Lauretta
This is the best of the Vetivers I've smelled, although I haven't tried the others at Eden Botanicals. This one is sweet, unlike the others I've tried from other vendors. It blends very well with most scents (as long as you like Vetiver). However, it is quite strong, so a little goes a long way, and it can easily overpower a perfume if you add more than a very small amount. The scent is very tenacious as well, which makes it a nice fixative. I really can't believe how quickly I've used this oil, and I'll definitely be ordering more! (Posted on 2/19/13)
My Favorite Vetiver Review by Susan
I must admit I'm a fan of all Vetivers so when I treated myself to Vetiver Haiti I was blown away. This surpassed all I've bought before. Still sweet earthy and damp but seems to lack the burnt aspect of others. I can't wait to try this in a Chypre perfume. Delightful. (Posted on 2/19/13)
Strong smelling oil Review by Bee Lian
This Vetiver smells like Chinese herbal drink "antelope's horn". It has very strong unique smell. (Posted on 2/14/13)
My Favorite! Review by Mich
This organic vetiver from Haiti is indeed the smoothest and sweetest of the Eden vetiver's offered, with only a hint of smokiness which makes it blend seamlessly with other scents. I haven't had it long enough to speak of how it changes with age, but if it is as tenacious as the organic vetiver from Sri Lanka I'm sure it will be a standout!
Try it with a touch of Eden's newly formulated Amber Essence oil for a exotic magic carpet ride to the near east! (Posted on 12/28/12)

5 Item(s)

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