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Vanilla Bourbon CO2

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  1. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 Tiny Sample (6 drops) 985-2
  2. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 1/16 oz 985-4
  3. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 1/8 oz 985-5
  4. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 1/4 oz 985-6
  5. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 1/2 oz 985-7
  6. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 1 oz 985-8
  7. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 2 oz 985-9
  8. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 4 oz 985-10
  9. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 8 oz 985-11
  10. Vanilla Bourbon CO2 16 oz 985-12

Customer Reviews for Vanilla Bourbon CO2

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creamy and totally lush Review by natalie
I am obsessed with vanilla and have tried many different types. I'm so glad I found this one as nothing comes close... this is by far the best! I am totally in love with its creamy and Delicious vanilla scent. It's smooth and not too sweet. Its scent is delectable and a must for anyone searching for the perfect vanilla. I'm also a huge fan of the organic vanilla extract at EB, although I find it quite a bit sweeter and harder to work with than this one, but it is definitely amazing in its own right and blends perfectly with EB's Vanilla CO2. (Posted on 2/23/13)
The Best Vanilla Review by Ashley
I have tried so many Vanillas, both natural and synthetic. This is by far the richest and most true Vanilla I have had the pleasure of sniffing. Just like splitting a vanilla bean and holding it up to your nose. It is so strong I can add much less to my blends without sacrificing potency. Consistency is a sort of crystalline solid. Worth the price. (Posted on 7/27/12)

2 Item(s)

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