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Spikenard, Green

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  1. Spikenard, Green Sample (20-30 drops) 935-3
  2. Spikenard, Green 1/8 oz 935-5
  3. Spikenard, Green 1/4 oz 935-6
  4. Spikenard, Green 1/2 oz 935-7
  5. Spikenard, Green 1 oz 935-8
  6. Spikenard, Green 2 oz 935-9
  7. Spikenard, Green 4 oz 935-10
  8. Spikenard, Green 8 oz 935-11
  9. Spikenard, Green 16 oz 935-12

Customer Reviews for Spikenard, Green

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A Luscious Earthy Treat Review by MashaR
I had tried several spikenards from other companies, but they did not work for me. Too dark, too musty. But Green Spikenard from Eden was what I was looking for. It has lovely herbal facets, dark resinous undertones, yet smells fresh and new, not musty. It's great in sacred perfumes and incense. I particularly like using it in chypre' perfumes. Thank you for stocking this one! (Posted on 9/17/14)
Precious oil Review by Dr. Justin
This Spikenard is deep and rich, mellow, spicy aroma that is woody and earthy at the same time being sweet. Helpful with insomnia, tension headaches, it also can enhance meditation- allowing soothing relaxation. This essential oil is very complex, and is reported to be one of the most important of the Biblical oils. (Posted on 9/7/14)
Earthy and soothing Review by Pam
This green spikenard smells at first sniff very much like valerian. Not suprising, since the two are closely related. However, it develops into something much richer and sweeter, with tones of a well-aged patchouli. I found it to be very calming. (Posted on 8/29/14)

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