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Rosemary ct Cineole

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  1. Rosemary ct. Cineole Sample (20-30 drops) 890-3
  2. Rosemary ct. Cineole 1/4 oz 890-6
  3. Rosemary ct. Cineole 1/2 oz 890-7
  4. Rosemary ct. Cineole 1 oz 890-8
  5. Rosemary ct. Cineole 2 oz 890-9
  6. Rosemary ct. Cineole 4 oz 890-10
  7. Rosemary ct. Cineole 8 oz 890-11
  8. Rosemary ct. Cineole 16 oz 890-12
  9. Rosemary ct. Cineole 1 kg 890-25

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Clean crisp uplifting scent Review by Kalanit
I’ve sampled this and found it to be (if my nose is a trutworthy guide) extremely high in cineole, with a very crisp clean scent. I did not, however, identify very much of a rosemary scent. I’d say it’s a great respiratory oil as long as cineole doesn’t bother your sensitive lungs. In my case it works best if I inhale it from a slight distance - for palm inhalation at least 8 or 10 inches from my nose. Of the high cineole oils, including ravintsara and eucalyptus, this is my favorite. I would definitely recommend this oil even though or possibly because it is not dominated by the scent of rosemary. I haven't yet tried blending with it, but I'd imagine it might lend an almost minty note to a blend. I love how very crisp an oil this is with no funk, no dirty notes at all as rosemary sometimes has. (Posted on 8/29/14)

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