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Rose Absolute, Egypt

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  1. Rose Absolute, Egypt Tiny Sample (6 drops) 860-2
  2. Rose Absolute, Egypt 1/16 oz 860-4
  3. Rose Absolute, Egypt 1/8 oz 860-5
  4. Rose Absolute, Egypt 1/4 oz 860-6
  5. Rose Absolute, Egypt 1/2 oz 860-7
  6. Rose Absolute, Egypt 1 oz 860-8
  7. Rose Absolute, Egypt 2 oz 860-9
  8. Rose Absolute, Egypt 4 oz 860-10
  9. Rose Absolute, Egypt 8 oz 860-11
  10. Rose Absolute, Egypt 16 oz 860-12

Customer Reviews for Rose Absolute, Egypt

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The Scent of a Honeyed Rose! Review by JPerez
From Eden's Rose sampler this was my favorite rose, followed very close by the Bulgarian Absolute. Both are very balanced top quality roses. If you are looking for a natural rose scent, very close to the fresh flowers these two are IMO the best. The Egyptian was my favorite due to the fruity honey like top notes. The Bulgarian top notes are slightly more traditional "old fashioned" rose. (Posted on 6/22/13)
Soft, powdery Review by BShea
Egyptian Rose Abs; This is nice. Its a dry powdery rose. It reminds me of the rose incense sticks that come from India (speaking of, I would like to try Indian rose too). There is a bit of a sour note at first, straight, undiluted out of the bottle, but it does dry down really nice. I'm sure diluted and blended that would not be present. This would be really nice blended with sandalwood, styrax, myrhh, patchouly, orris, vetiver, geranium, jasmine (of course), vanilla, citron, lime leaf, ambrette, civit and perhaps tonka bean (sounds like a blend right there). (Posted on 2/27/13)

2 Item(s)

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