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Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10%

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  1. Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10% Sample (20-30 drops) 850-3
  2. Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10% 1/4 oz 850-6
  3. Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10% 1/2 oz 850-7
  4. Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10% 1 oz 850-8
  5. Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10% 2 oz 850-9
  6. Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10% 4 oz 850-10
  7. Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10% 8 oz 850-11

Customer Reviews for Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10%

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Romantic aroma in my mind Review by Kero
The smell of Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10% is so lovely. The most beautiful flower in the world - Rose, it's magical when you are in bad mood or depressed, Rose can save you and light you up.
When I go out by bus or other public transportation, I sometimes get carsick or dizzy. I will take out one small bottle of Rose, and put some onto my arms and wrist. It made me feel better and release. (Posted on 9/17/14)
Lovely! Review by Amber
I THINK this is my favorite rose, but then again, I love them all!! I love that you offer them diluted at a lower cost!
(Posted on 9/2/14)
Another great rose Review by Florence
Just like the Bulgarian Rose dilution, this is another great rose that EB has made affordable. I love wearing this as a single note perfume and the dilution make it easy. It blends wonderfully with other florals, citrus and . . . almost everything else. I just blended it with Coconut CO2. Such a smooth comforting scent. (Posted on 8/29/14)
My favorite rosa damascena absolute oil Review by bergamotpinenut
When I first began to familiarize myself with Eden's rose oils, this was my favorite of the rosa damascena absolutes. I think it is the most accessible rose absolute, the one that smells most closely to an actual rose to the untrained nose. As I’ve gained more experience with rose absolute, I’ve come to also appreciate the Bulgarian and Egyptian rose absolutes and ended up purchasing the prediluted bulgarian in bulk. But this is probably still my favorite, especially mixed with some rose de mai absolute and/or organic rose de mai. Personally, I find rosa centifolia to be more magical, more uplifting, but damascena, especially in otto form, can be more grounding. It’s a lot of fun to see what blending different rose oils with each other can do and it’s hard to mess up when blending rose with rose. In the 10% dilution this is an amazing value. (Posted on 8/29/14)
Affordable luxury Review by SW
I have to admit I use Rose Absolute, Morocco - 10% with abandon! It's a beautiful and affordable luxury and I appreciate that Eden offers 2 kinds of rose in 10% dilutions. I am a perfumer but use this particular dilution in my homemade facial oils and sometimes I just open the bottle and breathe in the lovely scent. (Posted on 2/16/13)

5 Item(s)

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