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Rhododendron Leaf

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  1. Rhododendron Leaf Sample (20-30 drops) 840-3
  2. Rhododendron Leaf 1/4 oz 840-6
  3. Rhododendron Leaf 1/2 oz 840-7
  4. Rhododendron Leaf 1 oz 840-8
  5. Rhododendron Leaf 2 oz 840-9
  6. Rhododendron Leaf 4 oz 840-10
  7. Rhododendron Leaf 8 oz 840-11
  8. Rhododendron Leaf 16 oz 840-12

Customer Reviews for Rhododendron Leaf

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Fresh, green, lavendaceous, and fruity! Review by BShea
Rhododendron leaf: I was always curious about it, so I got a sample. I really like it. It's a very pleasant green, leafy fragrance, rich and round, with coniferous and lavender-like nuances. It's odd, I put this with tangerine essence (distilled from the juice) and it ended up smelling like pineapple! It's really great with lavender, coriander, and bergamot. I think it would be great for colognes, green blends and green florals. This oil mixed with tangerine, lime, white champaca, and black currant bud would make a great tropical fruit-like accord for a tropical blend (then I would add ylang ylang, and plumeria to the heart note) It is colorless and a mobile liquid. (Posted on 2/27/13)

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