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Patchouli CO2

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  1. Patchouli CO2 Sample (20-30 drops) 765-3
  2. Patchouli CO2 1/4 oz 765-6
  3. Patchouli CO2 1/2 oz 765-7
  4. Patchouli CO2 1 oz 765-8
  5. Patchouli CO2 2 oz 765-9
  6. Patchouli CO2 4 oz 765-10
  7. Patchouli CO2 8 oz 765-11
  8. Patchouli CO2 16 oz 765-12
  9. Patchouli CO2 1 kg 765-25

Customer Reviews for Patchouli CO2

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Beautiful patchouli Review by euodia
This patchouli is hard to describe. To me it is musky and earthy, but in a much lighter way than most patchoulis. It's kind of "white" musk like. It's like it has a higher vibration...if that makes sense. It is very clear, smooth, and pure smelling. Extremely beautiful and unique patchouli that I will wear alone, blend with rose and other botanicals, and even blend with other patchoulis.

I will definitely buy this wonderful patchouli again in a larger size. (Posted on 8/20/14)
delicious Review by NOvicEjON
This is a wonderful and very unique patchouli. It is sweet and deep without being overly musty and "dark" in scent. I had to write this review because I was surprised and delighted to detect the distinct sweet aroma of black tea leaves in this oil! Truly lovely. That particular note didn't come through in my blend though, so I will continue to work with it to see what it can do. (Posted on 10/31/13)
Fun patchouli. Review by Brockton
Having compared this against a 'light' patchouli, as well as Eden's 'double distilled', I find this to be a more approachable one. Less earthy and mysterious, more fruity, sweet, and fresh. Feels less sultry and more flirty if that makes sense. Simultaneously hot and cold. (Posted on 6/27/13)
Smooth and soft Review by fifiantoinette
It's true what Eden says about this, it's the patchouli that even patchouli haters will love. I almost always find patchouli somewhat repellent...but this is creamy, smooth, and beautiful. I use it sparingly but it adds depth and complexity to my perfumes. Thank you! (Posted on 2/19/13)

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