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Orris Butter (15% irones)

Product Name SKU Price Qty
  1. Orris Butter (15% irones) Tiny Sample (6 drops) 730-2
  2. Orris Butter (15% irones) 1 gram 730-16
  3. Orris Butter (15% irones) 1/16 oz 730-4
  4. Orris Butter (15% irones) 1/8 oz 730-5
  5. Orris Butter (15% irones) 1/4 oz 730-6
  6. Orris Butter (15% irones) 1/2 oz 730-7
  7. Orris Butter (15% irones) 1 oz 730-8

Customer Reviews for Orris Butter (15% irones)

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Excellent Review by Leave Me Alone
Melted it into jojoba oil and got about 10X at limits of liquidity at room temperature. Smells just great. Best source I've found. (Posted on 8/24/14)
An ultrafine natural orris material with stunning iris / violet floralcy Review by ArtScent
Many do not know the pleasure of working with true Orris Butter but it is unlike any other material. The quality of this Orris Butter is stellar and the higher irones makes it smoother, more floral and truly buttery. It is wonderful in classical floral heart accords and as it is a rare and expensive material, the fact that eden sell it in small quantities allows amateur perfumers to experience the joy of this material. (Posted on 3/20/13)

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