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Orange - Wild

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  1. Orange - Wild Sample (20-30 drops) 715-3
  2. Orange - Wild 1/4 oz 715-6
  3. Orange - Wild 1/2 oz 715-7
  4. Orange - Wild 1 oz 715-8
  5. Orange - Wild 2 oz 715-9
  6. Orange - Wild 4 oz 715-10
  7. Orange - Wild 8 oz 715-11
  8. Orange - Wild 16 oz 715-12
  9. Orange - Wild 1 kg 715-25

Customer Reviews for Orange - Wild

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This wild orange is amazing!!! Review by Aten
I have found my new favorite orange oil in Eden's wild orange. The scent is very tangy, almost like grapefruit, but with a richer, sweeter undertone often associated with sweet orange. It seems to lose a bit of its freshness when heated in a diffuser, so I tend to use it in creams, annointing blends or simply on a tissue for an instant lift. It works really well with just a drop of frankincense Oman. (Posted on 10/15/14)
This Wild Orange is a Rockstar Review by JR
Wild Orange EO is a delight to behold. I am always pleased by the fresh citrus oils Eden Botanicals provides, but Wild Orange is a rock star in that group of zesty top-notes. It's like sweet orange, mandarin, and grapefruit all got married. It echoes of candy tarts and lemon bars with a green note balanced between the round sweetness and the incredible intensity of this oil. Blend well with almost everything. (Posted on 2/19/13)
My favorite orange oil!!! Review by Jessica
I love citrus oils and I have many in my collection which led me to trying Eden's wild orange oil (their descriptions always help with my deciding!).
It is gentle and sweet with a "wild" edge to it unlike cultivated orange oils I have experienced. When I smell it I can just imagine being in that warm and sunny tropical setting getting a fragrant whiff of wild oranges in the breeze--yum! When I want a little more than just good ole' orange, I go for this one! (Posted on 2/14/13)

3 Item(s)

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