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Myrtle, Green - Organic

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  1. Myrtle, Green - ORG Sample (20-30 drops) 620-3
  2. Myrtle, Green - Organic 1/8 oz 620-5
  3. Myrtle, Green - Organic 1/4 oz 620-6
  4. Myrtle, Green - Organic 1/2 oz 620-7
  5. Myrtle, Green - Organic 1 oz 620-8
  6. Myrtle, Green - Organic 2 oz 620-9
  7. Myrtle, Green - Organic 4 oz 620-10
  8. Myrtle, Green - Organic 8 oz 620-11
  9. Myrtle, Green - Organic 16 oz 620-12

Customer Reviews for Myrtle, Green - Organic

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Good with coriander for aches and pains Review by bergamotpinenut
This is a very nice green myrtle. I’d describe it as a cooler oil. I did once sample a different much much more costly green myrtle oil that had a sort of flowery dry down, which was nice, but in terms of medicinal use, this one is a great value and pleasant. I purchased an ounce of this one, initially intending it to be used as a respiratory oil for a friend with pulmonary fibrosis and asthma. It didn’t work so well for her as her lungs are extremely sensitive, but I ended up using it in a pain blend, and have found it very helpful for nerve pain and muscle spasm. I most frequently use it with coriander essential oil for baths. I add a few drops of each to Himalayan sea salt and throw that in the bath. Sometimes I include lavender or celery seed or some other oils as well. In terms of respiratory oils, I do think it’s good as one of the milder alternatives, if you’re looking for a high cineole oil that is gentle, and though it didn’t work for my friend, I use it for myself for this purpose as well as for pain relief. I have begun to blend with it strictly for scent as well and have been happy with the results so far. (Posted on 8/29/14)

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