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Jasmine Absolute, India

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  1. Jasmine Absolute, India Tiny Sample (6 drops) 450-2
  2. Jasmine Absolute, India 1/16 oz 450-4
  3. Jasmine Absolute, India 1/8 oz 450-5
  4. Jasmine Absolute, India 1/4 oz 450-6
  5. Jasmine Absolute, India 1/2 oz 450-7
  6. Jasmine Absolute, India 1 oz 450-8
  7. Jasmine Absolute, India 2 oz 450-9
  8. Jasmine Absolute, India 4 oz 450-10
  9. Jasmine Absolute, India 8 oz 450-11
  10. Jasmine Absolute, India 16 oz 450-12

Customer Reviews for Jasmine Absolute, India

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Queen of flowers Review by Clayton
As you would expect from a jasmine grandiflorum absolute, this is rich, indolic and dense smelling. Indisposable for the perfumer, and reminiscent of perfumes past, when there was much more freedom to use these costly naturals in much higher quantities. Eden Botanicals' Indian jasmine absolute is very nice! (Posted on 6/12/14)
Rich and gorgeous Review by BShea
This jasmine grandiflorum from India is rich, round, warm, and sweet-a classic jasmine and really nice. The top notes are fresh, floral, slightly fruity,and sweet and it has subtle undertones of musk and spice, It is the jasmine I always use for my blends. A must have necessity for a perfumers palette. It blends with almost anything and everything. I highly recommend it. It is a amber brown mobile liquid with great tenacity. (Posted on 3/1/13)
Lovely Jasmine Review by Natalie
This is a lovely jasmine. It is quite heavy and has a true jasmine scent with none of that horrible solvent smell that I have smelt from quite a few other jasmines that I have tried. It's creamy, deep and hypnotic. (Posted on 2/23/13)
Heavy and lush Review by Sedna Bee
This is one of the heavier jasmines I have ever smelled, but it is gorgeous as a base for lighter florals. Makes a daffodil like scent with the Neroli Fine that you offer. (Posted on 2/14/13)

4 Item(s)

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