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Geranium, Rose

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  1. Geranium, Rose Sample (20-30 drops) 375-3
  2. Geranium, Rose 1/4 oz 375-6
  3. Geranium, Rose 1/2 oz 375-7
  4. Geranium, Rose 1 oz 375-8
  5. Geranium, Rose 2 oz 375-9
  6. Geranium, Rose 4 oz 375-10
  7. Geranium, Rose 8 oz 375-11
  8. Geranium, Rose 16 oz 375-12
  9. Geranium, Rose 1 kg 375-25

Customer Reviews for Geranium, Rose

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Sweet and grassy Review by OilLover
I purchased this product to extend the rose fragrance in lotions containing small amounts of Rose Otto. It is definitely very strong and heavy. It does smell very sweet but has a grassy, minty overtone. It is probably one of the best geraniums I own. Definitely worked for the my purpose. (Posted on 9/19/14)
very nice Review by Eleanor
This recent batch is a little more green and less rosy and powdery than the last batch. At first it seemed definitely to be a top note. But a week later there was a beautiful fresh clear geranium leaf aroma on the perfume strip.
I love Geranium for many reasons: its aroma, it is a great blending oil, is said to be an adaptogen, emotional balancer, stress easer, and great for skincare especially for mature skin.

I use this in most of my facial care products for mature skin synergized with Frankincense and other oils. It is quite effective in deodorants alone or with a blend of lavender oils.
(Posted on 3/1/13)
Beautiful, sweet, floral Geranium Review by Gudi's Aromatherapy
This Rose Geranium is nice and floral, not too herbaceous and great for skin care for its balancing benefits (sebum production and hormones). It is really hard to find a nice Geranium with a more floral note than herbaceousness. This one is especially smooth and lovely. Another great oil from Eden Botanicals (Posted on 2/15/13)
Sweet, Rosy, Floral Review by Sharon
The description of this beautiful geranium eo is exact. The absolute best geranium I have ever seen. It eliminates the need to add rose in a blend. Wonderful just by itself! (Posted on 2/14/13)

4 Item(s)

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