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Frankincense CO2, India

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  1. Frankincense CO2, India Sample (20-30 drops) 340-3
  2. Frankincense CO2, India 1/8 oz 340-5
  3. Frankincense CO2, India 1/4 oz 340-6
  4. Frankincense CO2, India 1/2 oz 340-7
  5. Frankincense CO2, India 1 oz 340-8
  6. Frankincense CO2, India 2 oz 340-9
  7. Frankincense CO2, India 4 oz 340-10
  8. Frankincense CO2, India 8 oz 340-11
  9. Frankincense CO2, India 16 oz 340-12
  10. Frankincense CO2, India 1 kg 340-25

Customer Reviews for Frankincense CO2, India

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best ever Review by catmar
I have tried frankincense from various online sellers. Nothing can come close to Eden Botanicals. I wish shipping to Canada was less expensive. (Posted on 10/21/13)
Out of this world Review by Eleanor
Gently strong, bright, clear uplifting, rich, balsamic, out of this world aroma.
I use this oil in various synergies: mature facial (with rose geranium, sea buckthorn and other oils), aches and pains, bath, emotional balance and sleep encouragers. Very nice with Spikenard and citrus.
(Posted on 3/1/13)
favorite frankincense oil Review by miket
I use frankincense CO2 oils in my ultrasonic nebulizer and applied to the arms/wrist. Really great smell, something very intoxicating and mellow, some citrus notes. Similar to the Somalia blend, I lean towards using this oil and would buy more of it in the future. Highly recommended. (Posted on 2/21/13)
Very True Frankincense Scent Review by Sky Prince
Frankincense has a very unique and distinguishable scent. It's a perfect oil for oriental blends and it has number of benefits when used in aromatherapy. I love the resin form of frankincense and the Omani is my all times favorite but it's really hard to find the true scent when you try the oils. Eden's Frankincense CO2 – India is an exception. Its smell is very much like the real resins and the depth that it adds to the blends is incredable. I think the CO2 distilation helped this oil to find that true character. Very nice alternative to Omani and highly recommended. (Posted on 2/16/13)

4 Item(s)

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