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Fir, Balsam Absolute

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  1. Fir, Balsam Absolute Tiny Sample (6 drops) 325-2
  2. Fir, Balsam Absolute 1/4 oz 325-6
  3. Fir, Balsam Absolute 1/2 oz 325-7
  4. Fir, Balsam Absolute 1 oz 325-8
  5. Fir, Balsam Absolute 2 oz 325-9
  6. Fir, Balsam Absolute 4 oz 325-10
  7. Fir, Balsam Absolute 8 oz 325-11
  8. Fir, Balsam Absolute 16 oz 325-12

Customer Reviews for Fir, Balsam Absolute

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A gorgeous addition to most natural perfumes. Review by JR
Used as a fixative that lends a jammy sweetness and true green forest note. Traces bolster sweet floral notes like ylang, neroli, and jasmine. Helps to tackdown those volatile top note of Douglas Fir EO, Spruce EO, and Pine EO. Marries well will all citrus and adds a little tang to oils and absolutes of Copaiba, Peru, Guaicwood, and Vanilla. Pairs perfectly with Aglaia. (Posted on 2/19/13)
Like being in a forest of Christmas trees. Review by Intoxicating!
I was looking for a way of infusing the intoxicating, sweet aroma of walking in a forest of fir trees and found it with this Fir Balsam Absolute. Last spring I made spruce tip infused oil and it was swoon-worthy so I wanted to be able to reproduce that essential sweetness in a blend of EOs/absolutes. I have many fir, pine, cedar EOs and none came close. The description of this absolute sounded like it just might do the trick. Yeah! It's perfect. (Posted on 2/18/13)
Fir Balsam Abs Review by Melissa
I recently used the Fir Balsam Abs in a jasmine perfume blend. The undiluted version is thick but I didn't have a problem gently heating it in a water bath. The 1/4 oz bottle is conveniently shorter and wider than those used by some other companies, so it was easier to access the warmed material. It blended beautifully with the jasmine, mirroring and deepening the sweetness and adding a satisfying freshness. (Posted on 2/18/13)

3 Item(s)

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